Affiliate marketing scope in Pakistan

Affiliate Marketing is the fast way to generate millions of dollars in Pakistan. But for that, you need to learn how to start affiliate marketing. Here the main question arrives: Is the Affiliate marketing scope in Pakistan?

When I started my online career I learned many ways to make money online. But when I found affiliate marketing. That makes me shocked because with some effort and hard work you achieve a massive amount of money online.

So in this article, I cannot give you only an idea of the affiliate marketing scope. Also, I will give you some ways which will help you to start your affiliate marketing career online.

I divided this article into various topics. So, if you think all other information is irrelevant, just skip it. But my strongest recommendation is to read all articles. This will provide you with strong and good tips which make your journey easy.

So Let’s Dive into the topics,

Topic 1: What is Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is the way to make a good amount of money. In affiliate marketing, you promote someone’s products on a commission base. In the online field, the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing. But for that, you need an audience.

There are two options to sell affiliate products. The first one is paid and the second one is free. In paid one, you need to spend money on ads. There are two types of ads the first one is search ads and the second one is Social media ads.

The second way to promote a product is the audience. yes if you want to promote affiliate products free of cost. Then you need to build an audience on any platform.

The most famous way to build an audience is a Blog or youtube channel.

It’s up to which way you can use it if you are camera friendly and easily make videos.

Then Start a youtube channel, But if you don’t like to make videos. Then start a blog on any niche. I have already written a blog post about how to start a blog in Pakistan. Must read that article to get detailed information.

Topic 2: How to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing. Then you need to join some Saas Products affiliate programs. Because 2022 ara is an amazon ara. Where everyone wants to work on amazon.

For that reason, everyone wants to learn Amazon affiliate marketing. But amazon associates only give you 1 to 10 % commission. But if you promote Saas products then you get 30 to 50 % commission on a lot of products.

like I personally promote a product where I get $100 commission on 1 sale. For that reason, I will ask you to promote Saas products.

Topic 3: Which are the best affiliate programs

There are a lot of Affiliate marketing programs. Which you easily join, here I will give you some affiliate programs. Which provides you with a decent amount of commission on affiliate programs.

But before you join affiliate programs just decide the way to promote those products.

If you are a beginner then start with blogging. Because with blogging you learn a lot of things like how to write articles, Graphics Designing, Copywriting, and SEO.

After Blogging you are able to start a successful blog and start promoting products Blogging. Now it’s time to discuss the affiliate programs.

Amazon Associates: Amazon is the best affiliate program if you make a blog related to physical products. Then you make a good amount of commission from amazon. No doubt Amazon is the best platform but if you are a beginner are you have a blog related to physical? Then sign on to amazon.

ClickBank: Clickbank is the most famous affiliate marketing platform in the world. But you cannot make an account with Clickbank directly from Pakistan. If you want to work on Clickbank then the way is to find a friend in Europe and ask him to make an account for you.

JVZOO: Jvzoo also is a popular platform like Clickbank. You make a jvzoo account easily in Pakistan, Alos jvzoo gives you the Payoneer option directly. This is the best part because on other platforms you need to connect to Payoneer USA bank.

MaxBounty: Maxounty is the best platform for CPA marketers. Because here you find a lot of products where you just need to join and promote. I see a lot of programs where you don’t need to get sales. Just Leads gives you communions.

Topic 4: Scope of Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

I started affiliate marketing in 2017 and now it’s 2022. With my knowledge and experience, I see affiliate marketing as a bright future. Because when I started the affiliate marketing industry is so small. But now the affiliate industry become $8.5 Billion.

Also, the number goes exponentially, Which means affiliate marketing has a lot of scope in Pakistan. Because most Pakistani only know amazon affiliate marketing. That’s 10% of affiliate marketing,

Also, most businesses are well known these days. Affiliate marketing is the best way to promote business. For that reason, Most businesses register themself as affiliate products on many platforms.

Here I will provide you with a tip that is don’t promote that products which are not beneficial for your audience. Because that makes a wrong image in your reader’s mind.

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