5 Best blogging Platforms in pakistan 2023:

If you need to start blogging in Pakistan, Then you need a platform to start your blogging journey.  I use WordPress for blogging to run my blog.

Best blogging Platforms in pakistan

Like me, you need a platform and in this article, you find the Best blogging Platforms in pakistan. Where you start your blogging journey. Some platforms are free some are paid. So choose according to your requirement.

How to choose the best platform

Before deciding just understand what is the best platform for you. Also, Why did you choose this platform? There are a lot of platforms in marketing. Everyone has their pros and cons.

Before you choose just understand the pros and cons of that platform. if you have knowledge then that’s great for you. In the future maybe you need to change your platform for more style or function.

If you have proper knowledge then you choose the best one.  First, you need to decide what type of blog you need to make. also, define the functions and style of the blog Which also helps you. like in WordPress you make a lot of designs according to your desire. But as a blogger, you can’t.

Also in WordPress, you add a lot of functions that you want. But in a blogger, you can’t. So before you make a website decide on the right platform. because in the future when your website gets traffic, That’s very hard to change the platform. Which destroys your website and you need to start from 0.

Best blogging Platforms in pakistan

Now we discuss the best platform for you. So I hope you know which type of blog you need to make. Because this will help you clear your mind about the platform.

1) WordPress.org

The first platform that I am adding is WordPress. Which is the best open-source platform? In the world, there are 1 billion websites and 410 million websites that use WordPress. and the numbers also grow because WordPress is a very easy-to-use platform.


But if you want to use WordPress then you need a domain and hosting. Yes, WordPress is free but WordPress is a self-hosting platform. So for that, you need hosting and a domain.

If you ask me what is the best hosting for you, Which is cheap and affordable for you. There are two hostings that I recommend to you Namecheap and hosting. These two hostings I use personally and honestly that’s best for newbies.

There are a lot of features you get in WordPress. The best one is You can change anything on your blog. Because you get millions of WordPress themes. Which makes your website design what you want.

Also, WordPress has plugins. Which also enhances your blog features and functionality. You add courses, forums, and also services pages. Where you sell anything.

That also generates your passive income streams. The best part is that WordPress is already SEO friendly and you increase this by installing the yost SEO plugin. Which also increases the SEO of your website.

On another platform, you need to do SEO manually. But here you do SEO by plugins with just a few clicks and are good to go.

2) Blogger.com

The second platform that I am adding to the list of Best blogging Platforms in pakistan is Blogger.com. Which is the free platform provided by Google. Where you make your blog and start your career as a blogger.

blogger best blogging platforms

If you are a newbie and don’t have money to spend, Then on blogger, you start your blog free of cost. You get free hosting and a domain. Which is the best for a newbie?

Just start blogging on Blogger and when you make money from blogger, Then invest in WordPress because, in the end, you need to migrate to WordPress. Because WordPress is the best platform.

Now you ask if the blogger is free then why does every pro blogger ask for WordPress? Yes, blogger is free this is the only pros which you find. The drawback of a blogger is more than the pros. Like if you need to work as a blogger then first you need to learn HTML.

Because in blogger you need to do everything manually theme setting, meta adding, SEO. Also, you can’t design your website as you need. Also, you can’t add any feature that you want.

These are the cons of bloggers. Every newbie who starts their career starts as a blogger. When he grows he switches blogger to WordPress.

3) Medium

Medium is the other platform that I am adding to the list of Best blogging Platforms in pakistan. Medium is the platform built by Even Williams in 2012. Basically medium is the platform built for bloggers, article writers, and publishers.

medium best blogging platforms

In short, this is the platform for that person. Who wants to write something free of cost? Yes like blogger medium is the free platform. For medium.com you need a Gmail to create an account. Then good to start to write your content.

But you cannot add your own domain on medium.com. When you make a blog on medium, The medium provides you with https://medium.com/@yourusername. Also, you cannot design anything and can’t get any features.

Now you ask me why we use medium instead of the medium we use blogger. Blogger is also free yes you are writing. But when you make a blog on blogger, Then you need to put a lot of effort into blogger to build your audience.

But in medium, you don’t need to do SEO and don’t need to rank your blog. Because medium.com has millions of traffic. Also, another drawback is you can’t monetize your blogs through ads.

But you can do affiliate marketing on, medium, and when you make money. Then buy hosting and domain and start your own website. And when your website is ready then add your website link on medium. This will give you starting traffic.

This is the best source to get traffic to your website. Because most bloggers use medium.com to get traffic on their own sites. Also, you can use this to get traffic to your website. And the best part is the traffic which you get is from the USA. Because medium.com has a very high user base in the USA.

4) Quora

quora best blogging platforms

Quora is the other platform that I am adding to the list of Best blogging Platforms in pakistan. Basically, Quora is a question-answer site. Which is a community of new and professional people. If you have any questions then ask on Quora.

I’m damn sure you get your answers. Quora is just not a question-and-answering site. Quora is the best place to start your journey. Because in Quora you make community-related to your niche. Also, you make space where you write blogs. If someone likes your blog then he/she follows you.

Quora is just like other social media where you create content. But the difference is in Quora your answers are your content. If you have 0 rupees make a free blog on blogger.com. and start promoting that blog on Quora. after some time you see you get a lot of traffic on your blog.

As well as on your Quora page. Also, you make money from Quora spaces. like When your space has a lot of followers then you start paid membership. Also in article ads place in your article.

If you want to make money free of cost, Quora are the best because I use quora since last year and I get a lot of traffic on my site. Where I do affiliate marketing free of cost. and earn decent money.

So how do you make an account on Quora? You just need an email address to make an account on quora. When you make an account. just find the spaces and answer questions that ask by people in that space. My recommendation spends 1 to 2 hours in quora. Which makes a huge impact.

5) Wix.com

wix best blogging platforms

Wix is the other platform that I am adding to the list of Best blogging Platforms in pakistanWix is the platform where you make your website. Basically, Wix is the builder which helps you to start your blog without coding.

Wix has a lot of features but when you buy its services. Then you access its all features. if free you have limited features. Like When you choose the template then you cannot change it. Also, your access to third-party apps is limited.

Wix was started in 2006 and now has a 110 million user base. But if you want to make a blog on Wix then you need to pay $8 to get a basic plan. also $4 for the domain. Then you get all features which give you a lot of features.


Before choosing the platform just understand the pros and cons of that platform. After that choose the best platform which helps you to make a fast and good blog.

The second tip that I give you is money. if you have money to spend then buy a domain and hosting from Namecheap or hostinger. Which you get easily then start your blogging journey. because WordPress makes your journey easy.

But if you cannot have money to spend on hosting. Then start blogging on blogger.com. which is another platform for blogging. But it’s mandatory but domain from NameCheap. because a domain name is everything to you.

If you word on blogger.com without a premium domain. Then every effort that you do is useless to you. because in the end that could not give you a profit for a long time. so must buy a domain from NameCheap.

Then the last tip Is must start work on quora and medium. Becasue this is the best platform to get traffic from social media. Which starts your earnings fast.

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