10 Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan 2023

Making money from freelancers is a fast and quick way. But the difficult part is choosing a platform for freelancing. This will confuse everyone’s mind. But don’t worry here I am telling you about the best freelancing websites in Pakistan.

Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

Because there are a lot of platforms available in the market. Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You choose according to your needs. Now let’s talk about something important. if you can’t learn then skip that. But I think you need to must learn that.

I am damn sure this will change your life if you can’t have knowledge about freelancing properly.

Every year 445000 girls and boys complete their graduation. But most of them are not able to get a good job.

Because of skills, Everyone who completes graduation only has academic knowledge. But every company where you apply needs skills.

If you have that skills then you get jobs. But if you can’t have skills just start to learn that skills. Because skills are your wealth. Which you need to understand. If you want to make money by freelancing.

Skills are the most important part of your life. If you are a skilled person then you don’t need to do a job. Just start freelancing.

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What is Freelancing

Every people define freelancing is own complex way. But I will tell you a simple one. Freelancing is a way of process to make money by selling skills.

What is freelancing

Where there is no boss. You are your own boss it’s up to you how much work do you need to take. But how you can start freelancing.

Freelancing is not complex to start with. Just you need to learn some skills and after that start selling on a freelancing website.

There are a lot of best freelancing websites in Pakistan. Just pick one which you like and start making money.

Scope of freelancing in paksitan

The scope of freelancing in Pakistan is very high. Because of some gurus who make you freelancers.

Scope of freelancing in Pakistan

After the corona crisis, everyone wants to learn to freelance. Everyone knows the real power of freelancing.

In the last few years, everyone want to learn to freelance. But they cannot know how to start, or which skills are best for them. Which are the best websites for freelancing?

Also the best part. Pakistan makes 0.5 billion dollars from freelancing. This makes Pakistan 4th country in freelance services providing.

Which skills are best to learn

There are a lot of skills it’s up to you how much you learn.  There are two types of skills for making money from freelancing. The first one is short terms work skills.

Which skills are best to learn

Like logo design, app development, website designing, and development. If you want to learn these skills or if you have already these types of skills.

Then my tip is for you just find long terms skills and learn. Because short-term skills do not give you long-term clients. For example how many websites or logos will you make for me, only one?

Because my requirement is only one. But just imagine if you have long-term skills like writing, SEO, and SMM. Then how many articles do I need, of course, a lot?

If I want to rank my website to get traffic for sales and clients. Then I need a person who has SEO and writing skills. Because if my website content and SEO are updated regularly.

Then this will fulfill my requirements. I think now you understand which type of skills is best for you.

How you can learn Skills

Now let’s talk about something serious. Which is most important for you in how you gain new skills. The first step is to define your niche.

How you can learn skills

Where you need to learn skills. If you don’t know which is the best area for you. First, learn about yourself and your hobby. If you define your hobbies or interest. Then find the skills related to your niches.

After defining your area of interest. Then start learning the easy skills. When I started to learn digital marketing.

I started with SEO. After that when I master SEO, Then I go for others. Same as me you need to decide your area of interest and start with small or easy skills.

This will motivate you to master your hard skills. For example, if you want to learn website development. Then the easy one is learning HTML. When you completely learn HTML.

Then after going for javascript, PHP, and many more. Because these are hard languages to learn.

High Demanding Skills

There are a lot of skills that are highly profitable for you. But now I am telling you the best demanding skills. Some give you short-term clients. Some give you long-term.

What is High Demanding skills
  1. SEO
  2. Social media marketing and management
  3. Creative writing
  4. Graphic design
  5. Apps development
  6. Website design and development
  7. Data Entry
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Video editing
  10. Animator & VFX artist

These are the highest demanding skills. Just pick one and make yourself an expert in that skill. But if you can’t make yourself perfect.

Then learn at least something about that skill. Which helps you to start your freelancing services. Then with services start reading further about your skills.

But with skills, you need to learn how to do freelancing. There are two ways to learn any skills the first is youtube and google. The second one is courses, Courses are the best way because you will learn everything in one place.

But don’t worry if you don’t have money to spend on courses. You have the option of free courses, I already make a detailed article about the best freelancing courses in Pakistan.

Freelancing websites in Pakistan

If you are a freelancer and find the Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan. Then you are in the right place. Because here I will tell you the best site.

Which have their own advantages and disadvantages. But before you choose the site. Must check the payment withdrawal method.

Because if you get the payment which you earn. Then all work and effort which you do are useless. Because you knew there is no proper way to get Fournier currency in Pakistan.

Now let’s dive into the list of Freelancing websites in Pakistan. 


The first website that proudly adds this list. Because workchest is a Pakistani freelancing website. Which was made by Hisham Sarwar. If you want to make money as a freelancer.

Workchest Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

Then is damn sure you knew. Who is Hisham Sarwar? if you can’t then I will give you a little about sir. Hisham Sarwar is one of the best freelancers in Pakistan. Who wins a lot of awards

Also, Hisham Sarwar is the top freelancer on guru.com. The best part is that guru.com showcase Hisham Sarwar on the leaderboard.

Workchest is the marketplace. Where you find the business that places their project. Then you need to apply for that project. If you win then you got your project. my recommendation starts on your own country’s freelancing website.


Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites in Pakistan. When someone talks about freelancing. Everyone tells me to make an account on Fiverr. After making a gig and good to go start work as a freelancer.


But what is a gig, Gig is the services that you display on your Fiverr account for selling. When someone lands on your account. IF you like your account and services. Then simply he places an order.

On Fiverr, employers find you for work. Which is great. But if you need to make a success on fiverr.com. Then you need to compete with a lot of people for the price. That’s the drawback of fiverr.com.

Because in freelancing there is a lot of competition. But if you have extraordinary skills. Which only some person sells. Then your success rate is very high.

from Fiverr you make withdrawals easily by using Payoneer. This is the best service that most digital marketers use to receive payments in Pakistan.

Here mostly you get short-term clients for short-term work. Then move on because with my study maybe I was wrong. On Fiverr only short-term skills sell. If you are a programmer or digital marketer. Then you know every client that you get for the long term.

Because coding and marketing are not short-term projects, You need a lot of time to make a program or make a perfect marketing strategy. If you have a lot of term project skills then go for other options. Fiverr is not for you.

But that’s not mean you can’t work on Fiverr. make an account to start making some money. Then with the short-term clients find long-term clients.


Freelancer.com is the best freelancing website in Pakistan. You find all types of projects on freelancer long-term short-term. Because freelancer has a 15 million user base. In Fiverr you need to make the gig. But in freelancer.

Freelancer Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

You need to make a bid on a project and when you selected. Then you get a project. but if you want to work on freelancer.com. Then you need an intermediate level to work on that.

Also, it depends on your communication skills. If your big is perfect. Then you get your project for work.

Fiverr and freelancers are different from each other. Because in Fiverr you need to make the gig. Then buyers find you. But in Freelancer employers find you. If you want to work on freelacner.com. Then before you start do your all proper verification.

Because if you start without verification. Then at the withdrawal time that give you a big problem and irritation. Freelancer is the most popular and old platform. Where you find a lot of jobs. I know some freelancers personally who make almost $1000 per month from freelancers.

I work as a freelancer for almost 1 year and I see some problems. That may be also what you dislike. the first one is hard to find a job as a newbie. The second one is fake jobs that waste your bids. The third one is low price. When you bid a price there are a lot of people you find who do that project at a low price.


Guru is also the website that I am adding to the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan. Guru is also the best platform for freelancing in Pakistan. In Fiverr you made a gig. Then the employer finds you and gives you a project. IN Freelancer you send a bid to a project.


Then If the employer likes your bid, then you got your project. But Guru.com has both things gig and bid. In Guru, you make the gig. Also, you have the option to place a bid on the project. Guru.com was originally founded under the name moonlighter.com. After that its changes name to guru.com.

For the last 3-4 years guru.com was popular in Pakistan. Because of Hisham Sarwar. When Hisham sir make a course of digiskills. He shows his achievement on guru.com. When most Pakistani work with a guru.

From my experience guru is the best platform. In guru, there are two types of accounts. Free and paid. In the free one, you have limited bids and you can’t bid on any project. If you need to bid on a reputed project.

Then you need to buy your paid account. Which also filters you from everyone. Because a serious person only buys a premium account.

If you have a premium account. Then this will decrease your competition. Which is best if you have money to spend then my recommendation go for a guru.

Because Fiverr and freelancer.com no doubt have a good platforms. But not for the long-term person. A person who wants to make money passively.


The next one. which I want to add to the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan is Upwork. Upwork is also a great freelancer platform. It’s like guru.com. But the main difference is the legit project. here you find only legit and long-term projects from high-authority companies. The main thing that I like about Upwork is competition.

upwork Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

Here you can’t find a competition. Because if you need to make an account on Upwork. Then you need to pay some money for verification. For that reason, a person who only does time passes on a freelancing platform can’t make an account on Upwork.

When I started freelancing I started with Fiverr. When I realized Upwork is best. Then I move to work.

I have 1 year of experience in Upwork. With my experience, I will tell you.

Upwork is best for those people. Who wants to work on it seriously?IF you are a newbie then on Upwork you need to build a good reputation.

When you got some reviews and a 100% success rate. Then you make a lot of money from Upwork. Because you get high paid jobs from Upwork.

If you have an existing portfolio then that’s great for you. Because you can easily start on Upwork. But if you can’t have a portfolio. Then you need to do some extra effort to build yourself on Upwork.


People per hour is the next platform. which I want to add to the list of the best freelancing websites in Pakistan. There are a lot of other websites. Which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

But PeoplePerHour is one of the best websites for both businesses and freelancers. If you want to get clients from Europe. Then this is the best platform for you. Because here you only find USA and UK clients.

But my advice if you are a newbie. Then don’t go for this platform. Because If you want to get USA and UK clients.

Then you need to make yourself professional in business and skills. Becasue European people don’t like Pakistani work. Because of fraud. In the past, some brothers tried to do fraud with some clients.

That makes a wrong reputation. So you need to make yourself professional. If you want to get high-paying clients.

If you are a marketer with professional skills. Then I recommend you this platform. Becasue here you find only marketing-related services mostly.


99design is not a freelancing platform like a traditional platform. The first thing if you are a designer. Then 99designs for you. But here you get direct projects.

99 designs Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

Here you need to take a part in the competition. Here someone posts a project and you need to take participate. When the competition closed. After reviewing all designs if your design is selected. Then you paid.

For example, you need a logo. Don’t go and directly hire someone to create a logo for you. Just start a contest on 99design.

Then you see a lot of designs with copyright. Also with the source file that means you edit that file. When you like someones to design. Then pay that freelancer.

The price of logo design starts from $299 to $1299. The price package gives you more concepts and results. you only can’t make a logo contest. Also, you make a website, and video production contest.


Flexjobs is the next one that I am adding to the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan. Flexjobs is the best platform for a person. Who needs to do a job from home?


What I like about flexjobs here you find remote jobs and freelancing projects. Which is best because both are perfect.

In freelancing, you get a project to work on that. When the project ends you got your money. But in a remote job, you get a job that you can do from home. A remote job is the type of job. But here you don’t need to go to the office to work from 9 to 5.

Here you are flexible for work. Flexjob was started in 2007. Now 3.8 million people use flexjobs to grab opportunities. This is the best website like other job-providing websites. But the basic difference here is that you find only flexible positions.

On other websites, you find all types of job opportunities. But here you only find a flexible job position which is best for you. If you are a person like me who hate the 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing writing gigs

Freelancing writing gigs give you an idea. If you are a writer then this platform is best for you. If you are a writer then here you get a lot of opportunities.

This website has a writer board where companies pay $30 for 30 days.

I honestly say It is the best platform to start writing jobs. Becasue on this website, you find a daily writing list from the web. Where you need to work. Here you don’t need to pay any fee.

But the drawback is that you can’t make a lot of money here. This will only start your career. When you make some money on it. Then move on to another platform. Iam adding to this list.

Because here you can’t find daily projects for work. And the interface is not user-friendly. If freelancer writing gig will change it. Then this will rock.


Toptal is the last platform to which I am adding to the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan. Toptal is not a regular platform for freelancing.

Toptal Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan

If you need to work on this platform. Then you need to go through first you need to fill out the extensive application. Where you need to submit your resume. Also, you need to answer some questions and send your introduction video.

After submitting your application you need to pass the online screening process when you clear all these tasks. Then congratulation you are in the top 3 % of freelancers.

Some FAQs

How much do freelancers earn in Pakistan: It depends on your work and expertise level. If you are an expert in freelancing. You make easily 5 to 10 lac. But if you are a newbie with some knowledge. Then maybe you make 50k to 01 lac in starting.

Who is the No 1 freelancer in Pakistan: It depends on time but right now Hisham Sarwar is the best freelancer in Pakistan. Hisham Sarwar is the founder of workchest. A freelancing platform for you. 

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan: Nobody tells you to completely analyze which skill is best because every skill has projects. It’s up to you what you like. But my tip finds a trending skill and works on it. 

10 Best Freelancing websites in Pakistan 2023

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