30 Best niches for blogging in Pakistan 2023: Ultimate Topics

I think you need to start a blog in Pakistan. But the most difficult part is to find a niche for a blog. . So here I will provide you Best niches for blogging in Pakistan.

Best niches for blogging in Pakistan

Which I research personally to check the potential of that niches. Also, I will talk about which niche is best for you to start a blog. Because This will give you an idea.

How much your blog gets traffic and how much earning do you make from that niche. Also, I will tell you how to research a profitable niche.

Because here I will add some niches. Most people work on that niches which I am adding. That’s a wrong technique.

Because these all are parent topics. just pick one and do your own research on that. Then find the micro-niche. which you think is suitable for you.

For that reason, I am telling you how to research a niche. Because if you have knowledge of how to research niches. Then maybe you find a highly profitable niche with low competition.

What is a blog niche?

Niche is the segment of the market. Which you choose for your blog to create content. Because a niche is very important for your blog.

What is blog niche

Because this will help you to rank on google fast. If you have a general blog where you cover all topics like tech, fitness, reviews.

This will confuse Google and your website gain ranking after a lot of hard work. Because your website competes in every niche. That’s bad for your website.

But if you work on a single niche then your blog competes with your niche-related competition. Also, the most important thing is topic relevancy.

When you write articles on the same niche. Then google consider your blog. Because Google sees you described that niche with details.

What is Micro Niche

Mirco niche is a highly specified topic that you grab from your main niche. Why do you need micro-niche? Because it’s very important for your blog.

What is micro niche_Best niches for blogging in Pakistan

A micro niche is an area of niche where you have expertise. When I was starting blogging. I don’t know the topics and niche to work. Then I think what is the Best niches for blogging in Pakistan.

And after a lot of research, I will decide on a topic reviews website. Where I write websites review. That’s the story of my first blog.

Now let’s talk about moneysiren. How I decide the niche of moneySiren. That’s very simple because when I bought the domain. I know my niche is digital marketing.

But when I think If I make a blog on digital marketing. Then that’s very difficult to rank for me. Because digital marketing has a lot of sub-topics like SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc.

This all topic will confuse google to define my blog niche. For that reason, I use blogging and make money topics for right now. When Google ranks my blog on these topics.

Then I will expand my niches to others like SEO, affiliate marketing. Also when Google ranks me for SEO and affiliate marketing. Then I go for more topics.

This will make my blog brand in the digital marketing sector in Pakistan. Because my blog covers every topic where I rank.

How to choose a Niche for a blog

This is the most difficult part of a niche is to find and research. Because there are a lot of Best niches for blogging in Pakistan. 

how to choose a niche for a blog

There are a lot of ways to find a niche. But here I will explain to you the way with I used to find the perfect profitable niche for me. The first method is to research from competitors.

Like, grab a general blog from your niche. Like in tech, tech crunch, tech radar, in health niche Healthline. After that paste those links in top SEO tools like ahref, semrush.

Then analyze these blog’s keywords. I’m damn sure you find a niche for yourself. Because these blogs cover almost all topics. When you find a keyword.

Then go for further details analysis to see how many websites work on that niche. Also must check how much traffic that website gets. The second method that I use.

I wrote all topics where I have knowledge or that which comes to my mind. After that, I do research on that topic if I like that is best for me. Then I make content on that keyword.

If that’s a single keyword but if I see that has a professional I make a whole micro-website on that topic. Also, I will give the last method that I follow is an extension in the browser.

Just install keyword surfer extension that will give you keyword detail that you search in google. After installation selects the targeted country.

Because random searches also give you and niches ideas. Which may be also profitable for you.

How blogger fails

how blogger fails_Best niches for blogging in Pakistan

Most blogger fails in their career because of their niche. They decide wrong niches.

All your blogging journey depends on your niche. If you decide on a niche where you can’t have the proper knowledge. Then this will destroy you.

The second mistake is if you are a person who hates writing like me. I love to write on digital marketing niches. But if I can’t write on other niches.

Like me decide your area of the segment where you love to write. Becasue this will motivate you to work on that niche.

Best niches for blogging in Pakistan

There are a lot of niches. But I will provide you with 30 niches in this article. Some niches I will explain to you.

But must follow my instructions choose where you have an interest. Also, select one niche and do your own research on that.

1) How-To

The first niche that I am providing is how to. In this niche, there are a lot of topics that you cover. Like in this niche you cover Like how to start blogging, how to start a youtube channel and many more.

on this topic, you gain massive traffic. But like I was asking you just start with the micro-niche. and when you rank for that niche. Then go for other.

2) Cryptocurrency

The second one is the crypto topic. Now, these days in Pakistan everyone talked about crypto. Some are making money some are losing money.

But crypto is a wide topic. There are a lot of sub-topics that you need to cover like nft, web 3.0, metaverse, etc.

Here you not only make money from adsence. Also maybe you earn also crypto by promoting crypto exchanges or coins.

You cover a lot of topics like you talk about the best cryptocurrency.

 3) Finance

The next one that I am adding to the list of Best niches for blogging in Pakistan. In Pakistan, I research a lot but I can’t find a proper blog.

Which cover financial topics. This is the best niche for you if you are a student of finance. or if you have a piece of knowledge about Finance.

Because in new generation want to learn how to manage their money and how to grow their money. So Here are a space in Pakistan. just make a blog and cover budgeting, investing, saving topics.

4) Quotes and status

Quotes and status are very high volume niches with low competition. Literary I find a keyword where you find only social media pages ranked.

And that keyword has a 50k search volume. In my term, this is the niche where you start your blogging career. Becasue with some work your blog rank and you make money.

But the drawback I low CPC. You can’t make a million from niches. But This will make you financially free like with the niche you make $500 to $1000 per month easily.

5) Hosting or Tools reviews

The next one that I am adding to the list of Best niches for blogging in Pakistan. If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, not from adsence.

Then this is the best segment to start your affiliate journey. Because if you sell one hosting you got a decent amount of commission. Like Blue host give you $200 on a single sale.

That means you need just 5 sales to make $1000. Also, these hosting services provide you with requiring income every month.

But if you need to work on this niche then you need to target the UK, USA. Because that country has a high buying power. For starting you only need to join an affiliate network like CJ, JVZoo, WarrioePlus, Digistore.

6) Technology

When a newbie starts their career I hundred percent sure most of them use the tech sector. Some are working on mobile reviews, some work on system reviews.

But if you want to work in this sector. Then you need to find a very highly specific niche like laptop reviews, graphic cards reviews, apps reviews, software reviews.

If you work in this niche then you need a lot of patience and need to work hard. Becasue this niche has a lot of competition. But if your blog rank on google.

Then this niche will give you a lot of money. Because the tech niche has every high CPC.

7) Education

Education is the best niche that I am adding to the list of  Best niches for blogging in Pakistan. Because in a corona crisis every school and college was closed.

Then everyone searches on the internet to learn something. In this niche, there are a lot of topics that you cover. Like you make a blog in coding, graphic designing, video editing.

In Pakistan young generation want to learn new skills. which helps them to make money online. Or which help him to find jobs which that do from home.

8) News

This is the best and fast niche. Like in Pakistan their a lot of news blogs like proPakistani.pk. If you want to work on this niche.

Then you need to update yourself every day and when you listen to the news. Just write an article on that. If you work on this website in a legit way.

Then apply for google news. This will also help you to drive a lot of traffic on the latest news. But the drawback is it’s called event blogging.

You can’t make money passively from this blog. If you need to make money from this website then you need to update your blog daily.

All 22 niches

If I describe all 30 niches. Then it’s very difficult to read for you. So now I will add all 22 niches.

  1. Comparison
  2. Fashion tips
  3. fitness tips
  4. Healthy diet
  5. Food Recipes
  6. Business ideas
  7. Travel
  8. Relationships advice
  9. Self-improvement
  10. Gaming
  11. Science and medical
  12. Pets
  13. Career tips
  14. Home improvement
  15. Marketing
  16. Land buying guides
  17. Home automation
  18. Entertainment
  19. Religious Like Islamic blog
  20. Games reviews
  21. Public speaking
  22. Gadgets

These are the 30 best niches. Just pick one a do your own research on that. but the tips that I will give you at the start.

Just pick that niche where you have a  great piece of knowledge. Because this will make your journey easy.

I hope you like this article.


DH Founder of moneySiren

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