Top 5 Blogger urdu templates 2023: (Free Download )

Blogging is the best way to make money. But if you want to start blogging is urdu. Especially you don’t have money to spend on WordPress. Then Blogger is the best for you. You already know that. But what are the best Blogger urdu templates? Which you can easily optimize and make money.

Blogger urdu templates

I think you already know what is a blogger. But if you can’t know about bloggers. Then This is a Simple introduction to bloggers. Blogger is the open-source free CMS (Content Management System). Where you make your website free of cost. Free of cost everything is free domain hosting.

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How to customize Blogger template in urdu

Here you find the best and easy to load templates for bloggers. If you need to customize those templates in urdu then you need to install the urdu keyboard. By using that keyboard you easily customize these templates in urdu.

But you cannot know and need other solutions. The best one is Google Translate. By using Google Translate. You easily write urdu by writing or speaking.

1. Fastify ( Fast Blogger Theme )

The First theme Which I am adding to the list of Blogger urdu templates is Fastify. Because it has all features which you need like responsive, SEO friendly, everything that you need has in this theme. of course most of the features you get in the paid plan. But in the free one, you also get these features which you want.

Fastify Theme for blogger

In the paid one you get advanced features which also help you. If you have money to spend then buy a paid plan for of any them which I am reviewing. before using WordPress all blogs that I was on blogger. If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS then you can customize all themes of bloggers.

When I have started the use of blogger. There are limited options for customizing and limited themes options. But now bloggers changed. Also in the market, you get a million themes for bloggers. Which helps you. fastify has ads places where you place your absence ads and make money.

The main reason to put this theme in the first position is the option for customizing and speed of this theme.

Fastify Features

  1. 100% Responsive Design
  2. Social Icons on Header
  3. Auto Translate
  4. SEO Optimized
  5. Ads Area for Placing Ads
  6. Fast Loaded

2. SEO Pro

SEO PRO Theme for Blogger

The other one is SEO Pro in the list of Blogger urdu templates. SEO Pro is a highly optimized theme for bloggers. Where you get options to customize these according to your choice.

Also, the best part that I like about this theme is mobile responsive. But the twist is SEO PRO is highly optimized for absence to show optimized ads on mobile. Which increases your earnings.

SEO Pro Features

  1. Beautiful Arabic Fonts
  2. RTL Support
  3. 100% Responsive design
  4. Ads Optimized
  5. Youtube video Responsive
  6. Advance Author Box
  7. Awesome About Section

3. Freebify

Freebify Blogger urdu templates

Freebify is the other one is freebify. This is the best theme in terms of responsiveness. Freebify is a fast, responsive, and customizable theme.

If your blog is related to tutorials based then this is the best theme for you. You can fully customize this theme. That’s means you make different blogs from the same Theme. You can customize this theme through the blogger theme dashboard.

That’s means you don’t need any knowledge about coding to customize this theme.

Freebify Features

  1. 100 % responsivE and premium Design
  2. Auto Translated with RTL Supported
  3. Arabic Font
  4. One clicked boxed and Fixed menu
  5. Exclusive Download Button with responsive Youtube Videos

4. Galaxymag ( Premium Template)

Galaxymag Blogger urdu templates

The next template which I am adding to the list of Blogger urdu templates is galaxymag. If you want to make a blog like WordPress with a premium design. Then this template is best for you. If you have some money then my recommendation spends it on this template.

Because galaxymag is the super-premium and good-looking template. Also with the flexibility, you can customize everything in this template. If you buy this theme then this is not a waste of money. Because another reason is SEO optimized, A + on Gtmatrix for speed, Mobile friendly, and many more.

By using this template your blogs look like you are using WordPress. Also, other features which make me excited are multilanguage and auto ads ready. Because your ultimate goal is to make money. and if you have a template that already has a place for ads. Then that’s best for you. This will help you to easily place ads and make money.

Features of Galaxymag

  1. Mobile-Friendly with responsive design
  2. Auto RTL Version with Fixed many
  3. Automatic mobile manu
  4. Breaking news bar for a news site
  5. Ads ready with header ads
  6. 6 Features post style also 8 posts style
  7. absence inline ads ready
  8. Fasted loaded with SEO optimization
  9. Auto multi-language translated
  10. 6 months of premium support
  11. Lifetime updated

5. SpotBuzz

SpotBuzz Blogger urdu templates

If you need the template with premium design but for free. Then this is the best template for you. I use this template a lot and I proudly ask you I love this template. You can easily customize this template according to you. The best thing which I like most is the clean look. Because The clean look provides you great user experience.

Also when you create your blog clean. Then your website loads fast this is also a great single to google. This template has the latest and new functions. Which provides you new experience. SpotBuzz has two latest features that you get one is dark mode second is RTL (Right to left).

SpotBuzz also has absence-friendly codes. Which helps you to easily get adsence approval. Also, you can easily place ads after approval. Because Spotbuzz is already ads friendly template.

Features of SpotBuzz

  1. 100% Responsive Design
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Adsence Code Friendly
  4. Social Icons on Header
  5. Auto Translate
  6. SEO Optimized
  7. Ads Area for Placing Ads
  8. Fast Loaded

Final Thoughts

These are the template that I recommend to you. Every Template that I put in the list of Blogger urdu templates. I Used Personly templates and customize all templates and convert them into urdu. That means you easily customize these templates. Most of all themes are seo friendly, adsence friendly.

That’s great for you. If you have money to spend then go for glaxymag. that’s the great template that makes your blogger super duper cool. Also by using that template you get a WordPress look. But if you don’t have money to spend then check spotbuss or fastify. These also are great choices for you.

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Regards ( DH Founder of MoneySiren )

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