Earn money online in Pakistan for Students 2023 [Legit ways]

As a student, you don’t have money to spend on your luxury. So don’t worry I am telling you some best ways to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Earn money online in Pakistan for students

Because as a student you have less time which you can use to make money. Some students do jobs for extra income. But they don’t enjoy that free time. But online is the way to make money while you sleep.

Also, you enjoy your time because in the job you need to do work every day. But online, there are many ways to make money passively.

Best Ways Earn money online in Pakistan for students

So let’s start to discuss some legit ways to make money. Because here I cannot ask you to download an app and see ads to make money.

Here you find some good ways if you learn them then you make money long term. Also after your education, you adopt those ways to your full-time careers.

Now I am adding some best lists that help you start your online career as a student. Because I know if you are a student and come from a middle daily background. Then you have a big issue and that’s money. In these ways, you start your side income in college.

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1. Freelancing

The first way is freelancing. In freelancing, you start selling your skills I mean working for clients online. But for freelancing, you need some skills like video editing, Graphics designing, and Digital marketing.

How to start freelancing

In freelancing, you have flexible time. So you don’t need to do 9 to 5 jobs. You do freelancing in your free time and make a good amount of money in comparison to a job.

freelancing is a fast and affordable way to make money online. Because you learn freelancing easily from youtube by following Hisham Sarwar.

Because he is one of the best freelancers in Pakistan. Hisham Sarwar has a youtube channel where you learn how to make money from freelancing. Freelancing is simple you need to learn some skills.

After learning there are a lot of freelancing platforms where you go and find clients. Fiverr, freelancer.com, Guru, Upwork. These are the best and most well-known freelancing platforms.

2. Blogging

Blogging is the one of best and my favorite way to make money online. Blogging word comes from a blog, and a blog is a site where you publish content on a daily basis. Blogging is the process to publish content on a website.

Blogging for Earn money online in Pakistan for students

Blogging needs time but when you give time and effort. Then you get paid from it passively. For blogging, you need to learn SEO, Website designing, and Article Writing after that decide on a niche.

A niche is your area of interest where you have knowledge. Like my niche is making money for moneysiren. I write an article about making money, Like me, you need to decide your niche. the next step is blog creation.

For the blog, you need a domain and hosting. A domain is the name of your website with an extension. moneysiren.pk for example moneysiren.pk is a domain and .pk is an extension. Hosting is a server that you buy to store your website files.

I use hostinger for hosting and If you need a .pk domain then go for the domain.pk. But if you need to buy another extension like .com then also you buy it from hostinger.


When you set up your blog, find some keywords and write an article. When your site gains traffic from google then start monetization from adsence. After the adsence approval Boom, you start making money.

But Blogging is not an easy process it takes time but when you do some effort and start learning to blog. This will pay you. if you need a detailed article I write an article on how to start blogging in Pakistan. Must read that article and also learn blogging free of cost on youtube.

3. Youtube Channel

Youtube channel is another way to earn money online in Pakistan for students. I have known personally some students who make money from youtube. Youtube is a video streaming platform.

How to start youtube channel

If you need to make money from youtube, Then you need to make a youtube channel and start producing videos. You cannot only make money from youtube. Also, you become an influencer and a well-known youtube personality.

Which opens a lot of ways to make money from youtube. But the most used way to make money from youtube is google adsence.

But for monetization, you need to compete with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. When you become famous on youtube. Then you make a lot of money also after your education you make youtube a career.

The famous ways which you can use to make money from youtube are affiliate marketing, becoming a Brand Ambassador, and Selling products and courses.

There is a lot of Pakistani youtube who make millions of dollars through youtube. Like Ducky Bahi, Raza Sumo, Azad Chaiwala, Hisham Sarwar, Rehan Allahwala. These are some examples like them you also become a Youtuber example for others.

4. DropShipping and Ecommerce

Now, these days dropshipping and e-commerce become so popular, Because of sunny Ali and enablers. When you ask someone if you make money online then they ask if you can make money through amazon.

What is dropshipping

E-commerce is a process to buy and sell products by using the internet, and dropshipping is also a type of e-commerce. But in drop shipping, you sell someone’s products through your own site.

Like you make the website and when someone orders from you, you give it to another one who delivers your order. But in e-commerce, you start selling your own products. If you want to make money as soon as possible.

Then just you need to manufacture a winning product. Then this is the best way to make millions of dollars easily. Because in e-commerce you make an ecosystem. Where you make money Passively.

ecommerce for Earn money online in Pakistan for students

For starting e-commerce first you need a product, Then the second step is to make your store. It’s up to you which platform you can use to make a store. Like WordPress, Shopify is the best platform to start your store if you want to make your own store.

But if you don’t want to make your own store, Then Amzaon is the best platform where you to make your own store for selling your products. You easily learn about amazon selling on youtube. But if you need a course in Pakistan, then extreme commerce and enablers is the best platform.

5. Teaching Online

Another way you can use to make money online is online teaching. For that you need skills or even without skills, you start teaching other people. Like if you are a student of intermediate start teaching matric classes on youtube.

But if you have skills then start teaching others like me I have digital marketing skills and I teach people how to learn digital marketing. Now let’s talk about what is the way to start teaching.

The first one is youtube makes a channel and produces videos. This is the best way and the second one in the online courses or paid classes. But for that, you need an audience who buys your courses and also pays you for paid classes.


If you want to take a course then first design your course layout. When you recorded your detailed course. Now it’s time to publish your course if you want to make your own website then you need a domain and hosting.

But there are a lot of online courses website where you publish your course. Like udemy, edx.org, and Coursera. The advantage to publish your course on that website is traffic. online course websites have already a strong audience base.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online fastly. because in affiliate marketing you only promote products. When someone buys your products through your links, You get a commission. If you are a student then affiliate marketing is for you.

Because while doing affiliate marketing you don’t need a lot of work. You earn money by doing some effort. Most online marketers earn their main income from affiliate marketing. So for that, I advise you to start affiliate marketing.

But for affiliate marketing, you just need to learn how to promote products and start marketing. If you know that is good but if you can’t know how to promote products then I will tell you.

How to promote products

There are two ways to promote your products. the first one is paid and the second one is free. If you want to promote products free then you need to start content making. Because these are the ways to promote your products.

The best way to promote products is by blogging and social media pages. I choose to blog to promote any products. If I want to promote any product then I write a review blog on that product. When the blog is ranked on google I get traffic and sales.

If you think blogging is hard for you, then make a video on your youtube channel. That also is the best way. Now let’s discuss the second way that paid one. If you want to promote products and get quick results. Then ppc and social media marketing help you.

Just place ads and start promoting products. But don’t start without proper knowledge because if you fail you lose your money. The paid way gets you fast results but the freeway gives you long-term results. These are the two ways to promote products.

Programmers or developers

Programming and developing is the best skills and way to make money online. But for that, if you love to do coding. Because in programming you learn a lot of coding languages. So if you are passionate and you have strong math.

Then you can easily start and learn to code. because in coding the most important thing is logic building. So for that math help you to become the best logic builder. But it’s not mean you don’t learn programming without a science or math background.

There are a lot of programmers that I know who learn programming without a science background. For coding your academic education does not matter. The matter is your willpower and your interest. If you are passionate about coding. Then you can easily become the best programmer.

Difference between programmer and developer

The basic difference is the developer is not a passionate person. Developers come from almost from colleges and this is the first stage of coding. In this stage, most of the coders learn only one field. Like website developers or android developers.

But the programmers know every type of coding if you ask them to build an android app. They build, if you ask to build a website, they build. If you ask to build games they build. because programmers love to do coding, so for that, they learn the very type of coding language.

Now let’s talk about how you can learn to code. First, start with the first stage and that’s development, decide first what you need to build. Let’s suppose website development you assume. So after that learn coding languages that help you to make a website.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the main languages that you learn for websites. After that when you learn one entire feild then enter the next feild. And learn every coding language one by one. If you want to Earn money online in Pakistan for students. Then programming is the best one.

Skills you Need to learn

Now it’s time to discuss what is the skills. You need to learn to start making money by using the ways that I reviewed. Because in every way you need to learn some skills. Like in freelancing you need to learn any type of skill.

But if blogging you need to learn SEO, Article Writing. These are the main skills in blogging, in youtube, you need SEO, Video Editing, Scrypt writing, and Graphics designing skills.

For that reason iam adding some skills which make your online journey easy. By using these skills you make money online easily. So let’s start reviewing.

1. SEO and SMM

SEO and SMM best skills which help you to earn money online in Pakistan for students. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to optimize your website for google ranking.

Type of seo
SEO Example

Google cannot provide any list of factors that you can use but some famous SEO experts tell us there are 200 factors.

Which google uses to rank your website. In SEO you rank your website and get free traffic. Just imagine you have a course on freelancing. Now you have two options to get students for that course. The first one is paid and the second one is free. In the free one, you need to do SEO.

You just need to make a page and target the best freelancing course in Pakistan keyword. When someone opens your page through a google search. You get the best-targeted traffic free of cost.

SMM Example
SMM Example

SMM ( Search engine marketing ) is to promote your article or landing pages in a paid way. For that Google has its own platform called google adword. on that platform, you need to start paid ads marketing.

2. Website Designing and Development

Website designing is not a skill it’s a full-time career. which you can adopt to make money online. There are two types of website design the first one through CMS. The second one is through coding.

CMS means content management systems like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Woocommerce. These are CMS for cms designing you need to learn these platforms. For that, you don’t need to code just you need to learn some plugins and themes.

After that, you are able to make a website using CMSs. Now let’s discuss the second way in this way you need to learn to code. There are two types of web development in coding, Front-end, and back-end.

Earn money online in Pakistan for students

If you learn front-end development then you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some frameworks like NativeJS. But if you want to learn back-end development then you need to learn Python, Ruby, NET, PHP, and NodeJS.

In Fron-end development, you need to design how the website looks, and how the website function works. But in back-end development, you need to design how the website function performs. It’s up to you which side you use front-end or back-end.

If you learn front-end development then you are a front-end developer. If you learn back-end you are a back-end developer. But if you learn both you become a full-stack developer.

3. Apps Development & Designing

Website development app development is one of the hot fields in 2022. Because everyone wants to make new famous apps. Which generates a lot of money, Yes making money from apps is one of the best and most passive ways.

What is apps designing

Because you need to make the app one time, it will pay you a lifetime. Like WhatsApp, Instagram, and picsart. These are the apps that everyone uses in daily life.

But how you can start app development? For app development, you need to learn some coding languages. Because without coding you cannot make the best app. First, you need to decide your app’s purpose. After that, there are two ways to start making apps.

The first one that I asked you already is coding. If you are a beginner and need properly functioning apps, Then you need to learn some coding languages like Java, C++, and C#. But the second way is to use an app builder.

But if you have an already established business and you need an app with some basic features. Then use apps builder like adalo, appgyver, Bravo Studio, and appypie.

4. Content Writing

Content Writing is the next and easy way to make money online. Because every blogger and every business needs a writer. Who generates content for them, Like me, I write my own articles if the topic is about Digital Marketing or making money.

What is content creation

But if you ask me to write an article on another topic I can’t. Becasue I cannot like to write articles. Becasue writing is not my hobby.

For that, I am asking if you like writing and if you are passionate about writing. Then enter in this field, Because writing has a lot of money, But if you can not passionate about writing. Then the content research will irritate you.

You don’t need anything to learn article writing. You only need a fluent English grip. That’s enough to start your career. Now if you think you like writing and you are able to start a career in Writing. Then this is the best field for you.

Because you not only make money from freelancing. Also, you start your own blog. Where you publish articles and start blogging.

5. Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media marketing and management is an easy skill to Earn money online in Pakistan for students. You just need to learn some social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Now you ask me if we know how to use these platforms. Yes, you know how to use these platforms. But I am asking you to learn how to make pages, How to post properly, and How SEO works on these platforms.

How to monetize these platforms, How to earn money from social media pages, and lastly how to run ads on these social media pages.

Because if social media marketing and management you need to learn these all things. After that, you become the best social media marketing expert. When you learn about these social media. Then go on a freelancing platform to earn a good amount of money.

6. Videography & Video Editing

Video Editing and videography is the next skill. Which I recommend to you if you want to work online. Video-related skills cannot give you some amount of money. If you are the best video artist.

Then every artist, YouTuber, music company, and Movie company needs video editors and video artists.

Who works with them and that pays you a lot of income?

In videography, you need to learn how to shoot videos. and in video editing, you need to learn how to edit that shoot to make the perfect video. But for learning and starting a career in this field. You need some types of equipment, The most important is a laptop or computer.

Which has a solid graphics card, The second is the camera but for if you start filming. But if you only start with video editing then a PC is enough. You easily learn this skill from youtube. Because if Pakistan there are many channels that make videos on video editing tutorials.

7. Data Entry

With data entry, you cannot only make money from freelancing. Even you get a good amount of money from your job.

What is data Entry

Yes, you start the job in any company, Because every company needs some person who transcribes their documents physically to electronically. For learning data entry you need to learn some skills and software.

The most important is typing skills, To improve your typing speed you need to download some typing master software. which helps you to increase typing speed and accuracy. The second thing is to start learning some software.

The basic software is spreadsheet, Microsoft office, and teleconferencing. Also, learn some database management softwares.

There is a lot of software which helps you. My recommendation is to learn various of softwares.

This will enhance your skills and experience.

8. VoiceOver

If you have a crispy voice then this is the best skill to Earn money online in Pakistan for students. You don’t need to learn anything or any skills. Because your voice is your skill.

just start making accounts on a freelancing platform and start making voices for your clients. But you need to learn some soft skills like an accent for English. If you think to provide the voiceover in English.

Then you need to practice the English accents from any region like the USA, or the UK. But if you think to start in urdu then you need to just practice URDU.

When you are ready to rock then you need to start with upwork. Because on upwork you find a very good and high-income project. Where you earn a lot of money, at the start you need to spend some time to make a good reputation.

After that when you do some projects successfully. Then you are able to get projects easily.

9. Content Creation

Content creation is not a hard skill it’s a very easy skill. You learn easily but what is content and how do you start content creation? Content means any type of information that provides value to your reader’s life.

Now let’s talk about how you start content creation. First of all, decide on your niche like my niche to make money online in Pakistan.

After you decide your niche you need to choose a mod of information. Which mod you can use to provide information? There are a lot of ways to provide information. But ima telling you 3 main modes which you can use to provide information.

That’s articles, Infographics, and Videos. First, decide on the mod and then use any social media if you decide on video format, then youtube is the best platform for you. If you choose infographics then Instagram is best for you. For articles form you need to start a blog.

10. Sell Products

Selling products is the last skill that helps you to earn money online in Pakistan for students. For product selling, you need to learn some skills like SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and Copywriting.

Yes if you learn these skills then right now you are able to sell anything online. Because these are some ways to promote products online.

Just you need to learn some more skills like product scrapping. Because this will help you to decide which product is the best and most profitable to promote.

Ways to learn these skills

As you know there are two ways to learn any type of skill. The first one is free and the second one is paid. For free one yo the best option is Youtube and Google. Also with some research knowledge, you find some experts.

which provides you with free courses. Like in SEO Neil Patel, Semrush and Moz provide you free of cost courses.

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Like these experts, you need to find experts in your field who provide free courses.

The second way is a paid course if you have money to spend then buy a course. Because in a course you learn everything in one place. But before you buy any course, Must learn about your coach.

If you find a mentor who provides a course are an expert in that field. Then spend money on that course. But if you find that has no knowledge. Then don’t buy that courses.


My Thoughts

The first tip which I am giving you is if you are a student. Then this is the best age to do something. So start to learn skills because this will help you in the future.

The second tip is don’t try any shortcuts to make money online. Because in the online field there is no shortcut. I have to spend almost 5 to 6 years in the online field. I know everything if you think you are smart and do some shortcuts to make money fast.

Then you lose your time, money, and energy. because if you read this article completely then in the start I will provide legit ways. Which helps you to make money online. Yes, these ways need time. But if you do hard work and spend some amount of time learning skills.

Then you don’t need any shortcuts because you earn a lot of income from these ways. Learning skills and doing hard work pays you. Now it’s time to wrap up this article I hope you like my effort. Thanks for reading earn money online in Pakistan for students. article.

Thanks for reading this article
DH Founder of MoneySiren

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