11 Top Easy way to earn money online in pakistan in 2023

There are a lot of ways to make money Online in Pakistan. But most newbies don’t know which are the best ways and especially easy ways. For that in this article, I will provide you Easy way to earn money online in pakistan.

Easy way to earn money online in pakistan

But before I will explain to you just understand one thing. If you want to make money online then you need to learn some skills. Because skills will help you to grab more opportunities to work for anyone who pays you.

Like me, I have SEO, SMM, affiliate marketing, and blogging skills. These skills help me to generate online earnings. I work with clients who need this skills-related work. I did work for them and that pays me a good amount of money.

After the corona crisis, most of my Pakistani brothers search for an easy way to make money online. In the way of searching, Most of you got scammed especially new ones who don’t know about the online industry.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. But for that, you need to develop some skills. because after skills you can generate online income easily.

Here I will give you some tips to select which skills you need to learn. My tip is to clear the basics of graphic designing, video editing, digital marketing, game development, and programming. When you all basics covered.

After that which skill excites you deep dive into that skill and learn everything basic to advance. I also use this way to get my winning skills. After learning skills, the next thing is to find a way to earn from those skills. So in this article, you will find 11 easy ways to make money online.

1) Freelancing

The Definition of freelancing is to do work for anyone on a contract base. You don’t need to go office or any dress code for work.


A simple dedication is A person who is self-employed and does not need a proper office. You work for anyone, anytime anywhere. Freelancing is the most popular and easy way to make money online. Because for freelancing you need to learn just a skill and then start work.

There are a lot of skills like video editing, graphic designing, digital marketing, website designing, app designing, etc. Just pick one according to your taste and interest, and when you master that skill start hunting for clients.

But before start learning just do your research and pick a passive skill. Passive skills mean skills where you don’t need too many clients. For example SEO, In SEO you will contract with a client for almost 3 to 6 months. Every month clients pay you and you will get requiring income.

If you generate requiring income every month. Then freelancing makes you stable. If you can’t generate requiring income from freelancing. Then you need to work every month.

If you learn those types of skills that everyone needs on regular basis. Then you can make requiring income every month easily. and you don’t need to waste your energy to find new clients.

Some Freelancing Website

If you need clients then you need some marketplaces. Where you find some clients easily. So I will give you a list of websites. Just make an account and start your freelancing journey.

Fiverr: Fiverr is the first website where clients find you, You don’t need to find clients. If you are a person which has extraordinary skills. Then go on Fiverr to make an account. Set up your account with useful information and make gigs. When some employers see your profile. If your profile impresses him then he will hire you.

Freelancer, Guru, Upwork: These websites work the same. On Fiverr clients find you but on this site, you need to find clients Who pay you. On these websites, you find the best companies. Which posts a lot of projects. You need to signup on to these sites. And when you see some work related to your skill. Place a bid and convenience your clients. IF clients your proposal Then you got the project.

2) Blogging

Blogging is an Easy way to earn money online in pakistan. Blogging is the process to publish any type of content in written form on your site. The word Blogging comes from blogs. A blog is a type of website where you publish your content on regular basis.

Blogging | online earning in Pakistan

Blogging is the best way to make passive income in pakistan. But it takes time and you need to take some patients.

Freelancing is the fast way to make money online. But freelancing is not a stable way, Freelancing income depends on your clients. Blogging is not a fast way to make money online like freelancing. But blogging is a stable way to earn online.

Blogging is not a hard thing just you need to learn some skills. That’s SEO, Article writing, and web designing. After these skills when you start your blog. Then you face a lot of difficulties for that I will give you some tips to make a successful blog.

The first tip is to start your first blog on that niche where you have enough information. Like I have 5 years of experience in digital marketing and I make a lot of money online with blogs. So after work and experience, I make this blog to share my knowledge with you.

But why do you need to start a blog on that niche where you have knowledge? Because writing content is not an easy task. So if you start blogging on that niche that you like or where you have knowledge. You can’t feel bored while writing articles.

If you can’t write content from your heart. Then soon you destroy your career. The second tip is don’t start blogging for money. In Blogging, you earn a lot of money but in the start don’t focus on money. In the start focus on building an audience, While doing that learn everything about blogging.

Focus on money at that point where you have good knowledge of blogging and you are able to rank any website.

How to start Blog

Before starting a blog just define the platform you need to choose for blogging. In the market, there are a lot of platforms to start your blogs. But the most popular are Blogger and WordPress.

Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. So I will tell you some basic information about these platforms. That helps you to understand what you need to choose and clear your mind.

If you have money to spend then go for WordPress. In WordPress, you can make your desired blog and website easily. Because you find millions of themes and plugins in WordPress. Which helps you to make your website beautiful.

Plugins help you to get any type of feature on your site. like social media icons, sliders, and many more. The main thing that attracts bloggers to use WordPress is SEO. Because in WordPress you can easily perform SEO by using SEO plugins like toast, rank match, and all-in-one SEO.

The simple thing is WordPress is easy but for that, you need hosting, hosting is the online server where you store your blog’s files. The best hosting which I recommend to you is Namecheap and hostinger. Both are the best hosting in terms of services. and both are cheap hosting.

The second one is a blogger. If you don’t have money to spend then go for a blogger. In blogger, you get free hosting and domain. But the drawback is you can’t make your website beautiful.

Because blogger has limited theme options. Also, the main disadvantage is manual work. If you need to do any work on blogger, then you need to do everything manually. Like SEO, inserting meta, optimizing codes, and any feature you need.

These are the important things that I discuss with you. Now I am adding all steps without explaining. That helps you to start your own blog.


  1. Decide your Niche
  2. Choose the Niche relevant name
  3. Buy hosting and set up a blog
  4. Design your blog
  5. Do proper SEO
  6. Generate content
  7. Monetize that content

3) Youtube Channel

Youtube is also an Easy way to earn money online in pakistan. Youtube is a video streaming platform. Most people spend their time on youtube and consume video content.

YouTube channel

That means video content is a more effective way to make money online. You not only make money with youtube. Also, youtube increases your face value. That’s the most important for you.

Because you make more money from blogs instead from youtube channels. But you don’t ignore youtube because it has a lot of potential. Which makes your passive earning streams.

Because When you build your loyal audience base. then there are a lot of ways to make money with youtube.

Youtube easy than blogs but if you need to stand on other YouTubers. Then you need to upload content that is grateful to everyone. Because if your content solves problems.

Then you grow so try to make some good informational content. Because on youtube every day 500 hours of content uploading to youtube.

How to start Youtube Channel

So for youtube, you need to take some steps and start.

  1. Decide your niche
  2. Make a youtube channel on Gmail
  3. Choice of Brandable name. But make on your own name
  4. Find Color combinations and make logos and channel art
  5. Create comprehensive content
  6. Upload videos
  7. Optimize youtube videos
  8. Start applying adsence

These are the steps you need to take for the youtube channel. The most important part is SEO. So must learn about SEO. How youtube SEO works and how your videos get views.

4) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and Easy way to earn money online in pakistan. In affiliate marketing, you need to sell products on a commission base. If you want to earn money online with little effort. Then my recommendation focus on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing online earning in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is a business. If you learn properly how to do affiliate marketing. Then you can easily earn money online without any limit. Because in affiliate marketing there is no limit. I see a lot of affiliate marketers who make millions of dollars online.

There are millions of products that have affiliate marketing programs. Just you need to join the program and promote it.

But don’t go for products that you can’t have the knowledge to promote. If you want to make passive money with affiliate marketing.

Then the best way to do this is just to build your loyal audience. because when you promote any offer your fans Buy that offer, But the main question is how you build your audience that’s the problem for everyone.

The best way is to decide your niche and make content related to your niche. Like I have a site where I build an audience in many niches. Now I make decent money with affiliate marketing from that website.

Because I focus on building an audience and now I get easily alleviated sales. There are two ways to get affiliate sales, the first one is free and the second one is paid. In the free one, you need to build an audience.

That I already explain to you but in the paid one you need money to spend on ads. Then you make money with affiliate marketing.

How to start an affiliate marketing

  1. Decide you niche
  2. Promoting ways free or paid
  3. Choose the platform for promoting
  4. Find the product
  5. Sign up and get your affiliate link
  6. Promote that link to your audience

These are the steps you need to take for affiliate marketing. But the last tip which I give you is from my 5 years of experience. Don’t try to sell forcefully that product. Just simply promote that product. If someone has a need then He/She buys your affiliate products.

5) Programming and Development

Programming is not an easy way to make money online. but when you learn some coding languages and master them. Then you can make a lot of money online. Development is a long-term game You need to spend some time building your programs and codes.


But if you build any software that people need. Then you will earn money for a lifetime. In digital marketing, there are a lot of programs and software. That everyone buys on regular basis. Like me, I am buying every month semrush, Grammarly, and many more.

These are the tools that were built by a programmer. and now these programmer makes money passively. If you want to be a programmer you need to learn some coding languages.

But before deciding. Like which programming language you need to learn. First decide what type of programmer you want to be like app developer, website developer, software developer, and many more.

These are some examples that I am giving you. For every field, you need to learn different languages. because everyone field has its own special language. That you need to master.

Now let’s talk about how you monetize these skills. The first is to get a remote or office base job. That’s the first option for you. The second is to find some freelancing projects and does that.

The third and most important one is to build your own services and sell that. Like ahref, semrush. When someone buys then you get income regularly.

How to start development

  1. Decide your niche
  2. Find The language which you need to learn
  3. Start learning the language which you choose
  4. Implement that which you learn
  5. Join community
  6. Work as a freelancer or get a job

These are the way to start development. But in coding your practice makes you perfect. So do practice and more practice.

6) Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is also an Easy way to earn money online in pakistan. Graphic Designing is a fast skill to Learn and make money online.

Designing online earning in Pakistan

In Pakistan, every freelancer starts with Graphic design, especially logos design. But now graphic designing skills are very hard if you want to earn money. Because there are a lot of Pakistanis who provide graphic design overall in the world.

The competition is very high in graphic design. But If you are a creative person and want to do something in the design field. Then must enhance your skills and learn low-competition skills like UX design, UI design, animation, game designer, etc.

Just grab one skill and master that skill.

But the tip I will give you here graphic designing sector is not a time pass. It’s a very demanding segment. Lots of businesses needed designers.

So if you have a real passion and a creative mind then enter into the field. But if you have a problem solver mind is not creative. Then just go for logic-building skills like programming

Because you have a problem solver mind and programming is for you not designing. In short before entering just deep think about your interest, and type of mind, and analyze yourself properly.

How to start

  1. Decide you niche
  2. Understand the basic
  3. Learn about tools that help you
  4. Do certification
  5. Make, Make, Make Practice makes you perfect

7) Offer your Services

Services are a fast way that helps you with Online earnings in Pakistan. Every type of work that you provide online for clients is called service. There are a lot of ways to make money with services.


Some people provide designing services, some programming some marketing. But the big question is what is the best services?

Which gives you requiring passive income. For that, you need to think big. If you have a big vision then you make money with services.

If you can’t find a way to make your service passive base. The lifetime you will continue to work for a few dollars. And other people who have big visions make a lot of money.

Now you are in doubt about what is the big thing. It just makes something that you sell. Like some tools which you buy on monthly basis. It’s just a form of service that you get.

Which was made by some people. Just find a problem in your niche and convert that into the tool. After that just sell that tool on monthly basis.

How to start Services Business.

  1. Decide Your niche
  2. Find an idea where you provide services
  3. Start Budgeting
  4. Make business plan
  5. Secure funds
  6. The last step find a way to make it passive

8) E-commerce

Selling and buying products online is called e-commerce. E-commerce right now is a very hot topic in Pakistan. Because of amazon and enablers.

Ecommerce online earning in Pakistan

But e-commerce is very hard you do it’s not easy. Because there are a lot of e-commerce sellers online.

Some are brands in that field like amazon, draz. Why do people buy from you?

Just think about that because I know you must have a listen about amazon sellers who make a million dollars from amazon. Yes, that’s true.

But just imagine if amazon will ban Pakistan or you can’t sell easily. What you do. If you want to make money with e-commerce.

Then the simple answer is you need to start your own store. Where you sell. My tip is to start online work in your local area.

When you are popular in your local area then go area by area. This is the best way. Also just remember you need a lot of money for eCommerce.

Also if you want to work on amazon Then try to make a brand on Amazon. Then slowly ask your customer about your site. That makes your solid brand.

With money, you need a lot of time for customer trust. Which is the most important part of e-commerce.

How to start an eCommerce

  1. Decide your product
  2. Choose you audience
  3. Pick e-commerce platform
  4. Pick e-commerce Marketing plateform
  5. Promote that product and make money

9) Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is also an Easy way to earn money online in pakistan. But don’t invest money without proper knowledge. Because if you fail you lost your money. Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce. In dropshipping, you also sell products online.


But the difference is you can’t make your own product. In dropshipping, you don’t need to make your own products.

Your work is to sell some other person’s inventory. In dropshipping you select a product and make your own site. Then when you get that lead.

Simply place that order on another site like Amazon, eBay, or Ali Baba. This is the model which everyone uses to make money.

A few years back dropshipping got a boom. When people see some people who start making millions of dollars.

But now the market is so volatile. If you want to make money and get success easily. Then you need to work on low-price products or sell in tier 1 countries.

Where peoples have high buying power capacity. Or you need to focus on B2B. Which increases your chances of making money.

Like you need to target some shops and connect that shopkeeper to the wholesale dealer and get your commission. This is also the best way.

But my tip doesn’t to enter this field without incomplete knowledge.

How to start Dropshipping

  1. Find the dropshipping idea
  2. Do your research about the competition
  3. Build your own store
  4. Find Dropshipping Supply
  5. Calculate your investment
  6. Decide your traffic ways
  7. Start Selling

10) Content Writing

Content Writing is the most profitable and every green skill. If you are able to write English with good grammar and accent. Then writing is the best option for you.

Writing online earning in Pakistan

Every blogger and every business has its own content writer. Because Rarely does a marketer like writing. Because writing is a very irritating job.

For that reason, a person who is passionate about writing is good in this field. So just start if you are passionate. But if you are a person who hates writing.

Then don’t do this or do this for the short term. When you earn some money then hire a person who writes for you.

But if you are a person who loves to write. Then you make millions of dollars. Because Every online field is based on writing.

Most people think AI tools will destroy writing jobs. Don’t worry AI is just an assistant, No one grabs your job. Because google like human-written content. The short thing is to enhance your skill in content writing.

How to make money with Writing

There are a lot of points that I am covering now. What is the way to make money with writing work on it and start your career?

Start a Blog or niche website: This is the best way to start money. You only need some money to spend and you start making money. But if you don’t have money to spend. Don’t worry just start with the free method.

If you start a blog then the ways are limitless for making money. Your work just starts a blog and writes on a topic that people search for. When your website gets traffic just monetize that traffic.

Start Writing eBooks: This is the second way which starts your earning. You just need to make ebooks and start selling them. An ebook is an Electronic copy of a book. With this method, you start to make money online passively

Write Scripts: No iam not talking about movie scripts. Iam talking about video scripts for YouTubers. Yes, almost every YouTuber has a team that makes video scripts for them. Then after that script, they learn that script and make a video on it.

These are the three best ways to make money with writing. Also, there are a lot of ways. The quick way is to start writing for others as a freelance and start your own blog.

Freelancing gives you quick money and blogging gives you passive money. When your blog starts generating a good amount of income then leave freelancing and work on the blog.

Course Selling

Course selling is the last one that’s an Easy way to earn money online in Pakistan. But for selling courses first you need to master any skill and then prove yourself the master of that skill.

Because if you want to make money with courses. Then you need to learn a skill and also you need a lot of practice. After this, you are able to take a course and sell it.

This is the passive way that most influencers especially youtube use to make passive recurring income.

But I have a solution for you. Just do courses in affiliate marketing this is the best way to start an online field. After when you gain experience.

Then make your own course on how to sell courses online. or make a course on affiliate marketing or anyone. Where you gain knowledge.


Now let’s discuss some points with you. Which is most useful for you? The first tip is to start learning skills. Becasue if you have skills then the online journey is easy for you.

The second point starts with freelancing. Because freelancing is the quick fast way to start making money. If you do proper work then you make money within 2 months.

That’s the best just earn and invest in yourself to learn new skills and build other ways of money. The third point in starting doesn’t invest in any tool or any platform.

Because in starting you waste your money. just invest in some courses. In Udeamy you get a bunch of courses. That teaches you how to make money online in Pakistan.

When you are fully confident then start buying tools according to your niche.

I hope you like this article Easy way to earn money online in pakistan.

Thanks for reading
DH founder of MoneySiren.pk

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