How to earn from amazon in Pakistan 2023

Making money online is the hot topic right now. There are a lot of ways to make money from the internet. But here I will specifically tell you how to earn from amazon in Pakistan.

How to earn from amazon in Pakistan

But before we start I am giving you some information about amazon.

Which helps you to understand amazon. which helps you to choose the way to make money from amazon.

Because there are a lot of ways like amazon sellers, amazon associates, amazon VA, etc. But here we discuss everyone in detail. But before we discuss those ways. let’s discuss what is amazon. and the most important what is the way to get your payment in Pakistan.

What is amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Where you find unlimited products. WHich you can buy. But In start amazon was started as a book store online. Then slowly amazon expands its categories and add a variety of products.

Now after a success amazon make its own products like Kindle, Fire Tv, Alexa, and AWS. The headquarter of amazon is situated in Seattle Washington.

How to earn from amazon in Pakistan

There are a lot of ways in which you can choose to make money from amazon. But here we discuss the top ways. Which you can easily do to start your career. But the most important part which I am adding.

I only cover the ways which allow you to receive money in Pakistan.

  1. Sell your own Brand
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Publish Books and Kindle
  4. Amazon Associates Program
  5. Online Arbitrage
  6. Amazon FBA

Sell your own brand Products

If you are an owner of any brand products. Then it’s time to expand your business online with amazon. Yes, you can’t need to make your own website initially. just start with amazon you need to just sign up for the Amazon brand registry program.

earn from amazon in Pakistan

You can easily start your brand online internationally by Amazon. In the start when Pakistanis understand how to sell products on amazon. Then they find a lot of problems. For that reason, a small level seller can’t sell on Amazon.

But last year Amazon approved Pakistan in the seller list. That means you can sell on amazon without any problem. You need to only register yourself as an amazon seller. Then you can easily sell on Amazon.


Dropshipping is also the best way you can use to make money from amazon. In dropshipping, you need marketing skills. Because you don’t need to make your own products.

Drop shipping How to earn from amazon in Pakistan

You just handle the marketing site. Dropshipping is the process where you can’t handle any order. You just collect the order and send it to your supplier. After that supplier dispatched that order for you.

But the big problem in Dropshipping is you only get a small amount of money that you make. Because your supplier takes a large chunk of your amount.

But the best thing is you control the quality. That means if you get negative reviews for that supplier. Just switch to another one.

Publish Books and Kindles

If you are a writer or you know any writer. Then this is the best opportunity to start your career as an author. Because you can publish your books on amazon. It’s up to you which way you can use to publish the book.

The first one is a hard copy. But this takes some amount of investment. You need to make a book then after that, you need to convert that book into hardcopy.  The second and the best way is an ebook.

You need to make a Book and just convert that into an ebook. Then publish and when your book got popular then make your book into hard form. But the thing you need to understand is if you are a writer and love writing.

Then work on books but if you can’t like writing. Then follow other ways. Which helps you to make money from amazon.

Amazon Associates Program

This is the best answer to your question of how to earn from amazon in Pakistan.  Affiliate marketing is a significant way to make money online. Amazon plays a great role in the affiliate marketing field.

Amazon associates programs

Because Amazon has its own affiliate associates program. Where you need to just sign up, and when you get approval. Then simply promote every product that lists on Amazon. When someone buys a product through your link.

Then you get a commission between 04 % to 10%. This is quite great. If you want to learn amazon blogging.

Then must follow Ismail blogger in Pakistan. Who introduces you to the fast way to make money from the amazon affiliate program. Now you ask me what is affiliate blogging. Basically in amazon affiliate blogging. You just find a niche and then you search for products.

When you got niche and products. Then the simple way to promote is by blogging. yes make a blog on that niche and start writing content. When your content rank adds your affiliate links.

But here I will give you some tips. Which helps you to succeed in Amazon affiliate. because I also work on an amazon affiliate, and I know how this works perfectly. So sit back and read this.

Tips For Amazon affiliate

The first tip is to find a micro niche and make a micro-niche blog on that. Because if you make a general blog that the chances are high you can’t succeed as soon. Because in amazon affiliates you find high competition.

The second one is to try the kgr keyword research technique. This will help you to rank your website as soon as possible. KGR is a method that gives you low competition keywords. in kgr, you write an article on 30-250 search volume keywords.

But now you think why 250 how much you sell when only 250 people visit your blog daily. But in affiliate, you don’t need a lot of traffic. You just need targeted traffic. Also, the edge is high da the website can’t target these low competition keywords.

When you target these keywords then google no have an option. No one target that keyword. Your target then googles rank your website on that keyword.

Online Arbitrage

This may solve your question of how to earn from amazon in Pakistan. If you want to sell products on amazon. But you don’t have any products. Then Online Arbitrage is the best way. Because you don’t need investment to make your own products.

Just find a high demanding niche on amazon. Where you see less amount of products. When you find any niche. Then simply find any supplier or any person. Then buy that product in bulk from that man.

Or in a start just start dropshipping, And when you got some money. Then buy products at a low price and sell them on amazon at high prices. Like most people apply this technique. They buy from Alibaba at a low price and sell on amazon at a high price.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. If you want to start your business online. Then the best way is to sell products. WHere you need to do some work like handling inventory, packing products, handling shipments.

Which is very hard to manage at the start. FBA is for you. You just need to sign up. When you signup then just ship your stock to the Amazon warehouse. This will only cost you warehouse charges.

After that, you only manage inventory and marketing. This is quite easy, all other works amazon handle for you. But when most the people want to start selling products. They consider their own marketplace.

But I will give you advice if you have money to spend. Then make your own marketplace. Because for your own marketplace you need to handle everything. That’s very hard to manage, for that you need an employee. Which cost you.

Which is the wrong way the best way is to start with Amazon FBA. Which minimizes your good work. In this model, you only manage inventory and marketing. Which you handle alone. you don’t need employees. Which saves your money.

When you see you are able to manage your own marketplace. Then good to go start your own marketplace. My recommendation starts with an amazon seller. This will also give you an idea of how the online industry works. WHich later help you to start your own marketplace.


Here I discuss the best way to make money from amazon. If you want to make money from amazon fast. Then start with an amazon affiliate. Because for amazon affiliate you only need approval. Then good to go, promote your links, and start earning.

When you make a decent amount of money. If you expand your business. Then make your own product or do dropship. Which is also the best way to make money. Because in affiliate marketing you only get a commission.

Which maybe 4 to 10% of any product. Which can not give you a lot of money. For that reason make your own products and sell them on amazon. Also, you don’t face any problems. Becasue you know how to promote products. This will build your business after some time.

Thanks for reading this article I hope this article clears your thought about how to earn from amazon in Pakistan


DH founder of Moneysiren

How to earn from amazon in Pakistan 2023

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