How to start a blog in Pakistan 2023 [ way to Earn Millions ]

Since last year everyone wants to make money online. Blogging is the best way to make money online. So in this article, you will learn how to start a blog in Pakistan. 

How to start a blog in Pakistan

Blogging is not a quick way which helps you to make money fast. Blogging needs time but if you spend time on it. After that, you will earn a lot of money passively. Because I work on blogs form the last 6 years and I earn a good amount of money from my blogs.

Moneysiren blog is my new project. Where I teach you how to make money online in Pakistan. Because a lot of boys and girls don’t know the legit way to start online work.

Now you ask me who you are, My name is DH and I have 6 years of experience in blogging. I work on a lot of blogs and ranked them. Also, do a lot of work with digital marketing agencies. So I know how to start a blog in Pakistan and how you start earning from a blog.

Now let’s dive into the detail.

What is Blog

A blog is a website where you publish your content on regular basis. You only need a domain and hosting. These two things help you to make your own blog.

The domain is the name of your website like is the domain.

Hosting is an online server where you store your blog data to make your blog online 24/7. I use hostinger for my own blog.


Why you need to start a blog

A blog is your diary that everyone reads online. So it’s a way to prove yourself to others. That you are the expert in your industry.

Also, a blog makes your online presence and helps you to make money online. Also if you want to help someone through your knowledge. Then the blog is the best way to help everyone.

How to start a blog in Pakistan

I love to do blogging and for that reason, I work on a lot of blogs. But only in the niches where I have an interest. So before you start blogging build some passion and love blogging. So if you want to help someone then follow these steps and start your own blogging journey.

Step 1: Decide your niche

The first step is the niche you need to find your interest or any topic where you have expertise. A niche is a topic of your website, My recommendation makes your blog on the micro niche. Because google like micro niche websites.

How to decide you niche

A micro niche is the low level of any niche like I have expertise in Digital Marketing. I know everything SEO, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, PPC, and Content marketing. But I make this blog on SEO, blogging, and making money online. These are called micro niches.

If you are a beginner then work on that niche in which you have an interest. Because writing is not easy, So if you have information about your niche. Then you write blog posts easily for your site without research because you already know everything.

But now you ask me how to find a niche?

Grab a paper and pen and write every topic and your every interest. After that do research on each topic on google which you write on paper. If you find any website on that topic.

Then do some detailed analysis by using some SEO tools on the websites, you find. If you have money then spend it on a good SEO tool. But ubersuggust help you to do initial research.

Check that website traffic, ranking, age, DA, PA, and estimated earnings that you find. Because these metrics help you whether your niche is profitable or not. If you find your niche is profitable. Then good to go make a blog and publish content on it.


Step 2: Find your blog’s Unique Name

The second step is to decide your blog name. There are the 3 types of names. The first is Brandable the second one is the partial match domain, the exact match domain.

A brandable domain name is a name without any meaning. It’s maybe your name or any word like being guru, Cnet, and Facebook . These are brandable domains if you like these types of domains then good buy them.

The second type is the Partial math domain. These domains represent your niches like laptopsgreek, Moneysiren, and Marketingfunda.

The last type of domain is exact match domains these types of domains are based on keywords like besthplaptops, howtomakemoney, and howtobuysmartwatch.

The brandable domain needs time to rank. Because google needs to understand the name and your content Relevancy. But if your site rank then google like your site because of the brandable name. Also, your blog become popular because of your name.

The second type is the partial match domain. These types of domains google and your users love. Becasue of your content and domain relevancy, google easily understand your blog niche. Also if someone searches on google.

Then this is a higher chance that user land on your site. Because of the word which represents your niche. If you rank your site.

So decide Which type is best for you. and find the best name for you if you have a name in mind then good. But if you cannot have a name in mind these are a lot of sites that help you. Like lean domain, and

Step 3: Buy a domain and hosting

How to buy domain and hosting

Now it’s time to buy your name domain and hosting to make your blog. I ususally use hostinger to buy my domains and hosting.

But for I buy on the and the hosting I use is hostinger.

You just need to signup to hostinger by following this link, and choose the domain name and hosting to buy. When you buy your hosting set up your WordPress.


Step 4: Setup blog and customize

The next step is to set up a blog on WordPress and after that customize it with the best theme. If you have money to spend then buy a good theme for your blog. But if you cannot have money to spend.

How to setup blog and customize

Then don’t worry I am here I will provide you a list of some free themes.

Which are easy to customizable

  1. Astra
  2. Type
  3. fairy
  4. Genratepress
  5. Wpocean

These are the 5 best free themes that I use personally. I like these themes if you cannot have money to spend. Then choose anyone and start customizing your blog. Also, these themes provide you very high performance. The most important point these themes are very lightweight.

So your website load in 2 to 3 seconds. I use fairy on this blog and my blog load within 1 sec. This makes me happy and also if my website loads fast then my bounce rate cannot increase. site speed

Step 5: Write Your First Blog Post

Now it’s time to write content on your blog. These are some steps that you need to follow to write a unique piece of content for your site. The first step is to do brainstorming or research to choose the topic of the content which you want to write.

How to write Blog post

The second step is to find some keywords related to your topic. There are a lot of keyword research tools that you can use to start your keyword research. I think you already know what is keyword. But if you cannot that’s ok I am here to tell you what is keyword.

A keyword is a word or phrase which you can search on google to get information.

A keyword is everything for a blog if you do proper work on keyword research.

Then your blog rank on google fast, but if you cannot spend time on keywords. Then maybe your blog takes a lot of time to rank.

There are two types of keywords the first one is the short tail and the second one long tail.

A short tail keyword is one or two words. Which cannot define their intent like shoes, or SEO. If someone searches seo on google then you cannot define what type of information he wants in seo. Also as a newbie, you cannot rank on the short tail keywords.

The second one is long tail keywords. These types of keywords have 3 to 5 words. These types of keywords show the intent of a user. Like how to start a blog in Pakistan, and how to learn seo. These are examples of long-tail keywords.

If you start a new blog then start to target these types of keywords. Your blog easily ranks on these keywords. I think you understand what is a keyword and which keywords you need to target. The next step is to make your post outline.

The last step is to make your outline in H tags and start making your content.

Step 6: How to promote a blog

Now it’s time to promote your blog to get traffic on your website. For traffic, you need to make blog posts on your blog with low competition keywords. So I will give you a strategy to get traffic to your site from google. I use this strategy to get traffic to my site. 

How to promote a blog

The strategy is to find 20 keywords that have 10 to 30 search volumes and most important check which pages rank on that keyword’s first page. If you see some low DA (0-10) websites then pick that keyword. Moz bar extension helps you to check the DA, and PA of the website on the SERP page.

Then start working on your keywords to write a quality blog Post. Don’t copy anything from any blog just design your own layout for your blog post. The last step is to make quality backlinks. If you choose the right keywords, Then I am damn sure your site rank on google within 3 to 4 months.

This is the method to get traffic from google. This is the best method but there are some other methods that you can use to get traffic to your site.

Social media

Social Media_How to start a blog in Pakistan

The second step is social media which is the quality way to get traffic on your site. If you do proper work on social media. Then your site gets a million of traffic on your website. But Social media needs time. There are a lot of social media pages like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, linked and quora.

But I will prefer you 2 social  Youtube and quora. In youtube make a channel on the name of your website. and start making videos on the same content which you can publish on your blog. Youtube needs time to grow but when your channel grows.

You cannot even get traffic from youtube. You also start making money from youtube. This way you make two money streams for you.

The second social media which I recommend to you is quora. Quora is a question-answering site. Where you find a lot of questions and answers. just you need to make a quora account and start answering questions related to your niche. When you answer getting traffic put your site link on the answers.

Through Collaboration with other bloggers

The last method which helps you to get traffic on your website is a collaboration with other bloggers.

So for this, you need to find a blogger related to your niche. When your list is ready ask them for collaboration. If you are a newbie and your blog cannot work properly.

Then ask that blogger you want to write a story on the person. Most of bloggers approve you when your article publication.

Ask them if you are publishing that story and want them to give you the link.

I’m damn sure you get a link from that blogger. This will help you to drive traffic from his blog to your blog. Also, this increases your blog authority.

Step 7: Start earning by monetizing your blog

After 3 to 4 months when your site gets some traffic then apply any monetizing method on your site. Don’t worry I am telling you the best and most high-income paying ways. Which you can use to generate a good amount of income at home.


Method 1: Ads

The first method which every blogger use to start their initial earning is ads. There is a lot of ads network in the market. But most bloggers use google adsence. Because google adsence is a reliable source of ads. But for google adsence, you need to give some time to your blog.

ADS_How to start a blog in Pakistan

In the ad network platform, you need to submit your blog. When your blog got approval from that network.

Then the ads run on your website and you get paid through that ads network.

When you apply for google adsence at least your domain has a 4 to 5-month age, and at least you need to write 20 articles.

Also, you need a little bit of traffic to get google adsence approval.

But if you have less traffic and google cannot give you adsence. Then try other ad networks like, propeller ads, and Amazon native shopping ads. But don’t rely on these ad networks. Your aim must be to get google adsence approval.

Method 2: Affiliate marketing

How to start a blog in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is the second method. Which makes your income 10 x multiple. Because affiliate marketing is not a small thing. It’s a billion-dollar industry and blogging is the best way to make money from affiliate marketing.

When you promote someone’s product and if that product gets sales. Then you get your commission that’s called affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of affiliate programs that you can join like amazon associates, CJ, JVzoo, and Clickbank.

On these Platforms, you find a million product affiliate links. You just need to promote that links on your website. There are two types of affiliate programs that you find. The first one is where you promote physical products.

The second one is where you promote SaaS ( Software as a service) or online services products.

Now first you need to check which you blog niche.

Then after that decide on your platform. If you make a blog related to a niche where you think you only promote physical products.

Then use that like me on this blog I write about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and making money online. So if I promote a tv no one can buy it because that product is irrelevant.

But I promote hosting or any tool related to SEO. Then there is a higher chance of selling that product.

Because my audience related to online working and that tools help them. The Tip is for you don’t go for that product that is not good for your audience for commission. Just promote relevant products which help them. Then you generate quite good sales and commissions.

 Method 3: Selling Products & Offer your Services

The next step which help you is selling products online through your blog. It’s a kind of affiliate marketing, But in affiliate marketing, you sell someone’s products.

Sell your online services

But here if you have your own products. Then try to sell through your blog.

Because by this way you sale your products. The second thing if you are an expert in anything try to sell that services on your blog. Like I am a digital marketing expert. I have a chance to give services to anyone by this way you increase your business.

Also if you are a freelancer then try to make your own blog and start writing content on that. Because after some time your blog also helps you to find clients which pay you.

Becasue that’s the client cannot ask you for a low price.

Because they know you are professional if you prove yourself you are an expert in something. Then boom you are doing anything.

Method 4: Sell backlinks

Sell backlinks

This is the next way which you can use in this way you need to make a page on your site related to selling backlinks.

Also if you have an authority website then-newbie and a lot of people contact you for backlinks. You can charge them for links. But my recommendation gives a link to that website that is related to your niche.

The tip is don’t sell too many backlinks because google hates this.

So if google detect your site then maybe google will penalize your website, and you destroy everything.


Final thought

I think now you know how to start a blog in Pakistan. But I have a something and serious thing which I need to discuss with you. The first thing if you are a newbie don’t try to do any bad activities like copy paste and spin content, and black hat SEO techniques.

Because these destroy your career you come here to learn. So learn something which help you in your career. The second tip doesn’t work in a niche where you cannot have any knowledge.

Because if you cannot have knowledge about your niche. Then you need to do a lot of research on every topic which you want to write about. Which is waste of time, If you have a writing team then that’s ok work on any niche.

The third tip doesn’t use AI writing tools for complete writing. Because you need to work long-term, long term you need to work on manual writing. Just use that tools for your content outline.

The last tip learns everything deeply like how to google rank blog posts. Which are the seo factors which help blog for ranking. Because this deep learning makes you an expert in blogging with time.

Thanks for reading how to start a blog in Pakistan.

DH founder of moneysiren

How to start a blog in Pakistan 2023 [ way to Earn Millions ]

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