How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan-2023

Amazon is a trending topic in Pakistan. Everyone talks about making money from amazon. Amazon Associates is a way to make money without investment. For that, I will provide you a detailed guide on How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan

There are a lot of ways to make money from amazon in Pakistan. The Most famous way is to make a store on amazon and sell products. But for that, you need a handsome amount of investment.

Which a newbie can’t afford. So if you are in this category, I mean if you cannot have investment. Then how do you make money from amazon?

The second way that you can use to make money from amazon is affiliate marketing. Yes, Amazon has its own affiliate program which you can join to start your earnings without investment.

When amazon gives you the affiliate platform approval. Then you are able to sell anything from amazon through your link. If you know what is amazon then it’s good.

But if you can’t know then I will add some basic information for you. But before I give you information about amazon.

Let’s talk about what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process to promote someone’s products on a commission base. There are a lot of affiliate programs in the market. But for a newbie amazon associates is the best platform. Because with this platform you are easily learn everything about affiliate marketing.

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What is Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. with millions of product inventory. if you want to sell products on amazon then you need to register your store.

When amazon gives you store approval then good to go and start selling your products.

When amazon starts it was just an online book-selling store. But now Amazon has the largest e-commerce network in the world. Amazon provides you a lot of services like FBA, AWS, and Associates. In this article, I am telling you about amazon associates. A platform that you can join to start your affiliate marketing journey.

What is Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the platform provided by amazon where you join and sell amazon products on a commission base. Yes, it’s an amazon affiliate program that you can easily join.

For Amazon associates, you need to apply for getting approval. But for approval, you need a valid traffic source. Because if you cannot have a proper traffic source then maybe amazon reject your application.

when you join amazon associates, Then you get a commission on every product you sell.

But the drawback which I think is the commission rate. Amazon gives you a 2 to 10 % commission on every sale.

I work with amazon associates for the last 2 years. So with my experience, I know how amazon associates work. Any niche where you want to work has a lot of competition. hardly find any niche where you find low competition. If you find any low-competition niche then maybe that niche has a low commission rate.

Because of the high commission rate niches have a lot of competition. So if you are a beginner then don’t work in any high-competition niche. Try the medium commission rate niche because when you work on it you learn a lot of things.

When you learn everything and master amazon product selling. Then start work on a high commission rate niche. Because at that time you are able to work on that niche.

Amazon affiliate commission

Now it’s time to discuss the commission that amazon provides you. Because this provides you an idea of how much you earn in these categories. Which helps you to decide which niche is the best for you. But don’t decide on a high commission rate category.

Amazon affiliate commission

How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan

If you want to sell products then you need an audience base. Because if you focus on building an audience base. Then your affiliate marketing goes to the next level. If you have an audience then simply go on amazon associates.

Signup for amazon associates, First of all, just understand amazon associates is the monetization method. So if you have some audience then you monetize it. So for that, you need to build an audience base.

There are a lot of ways to promote any type of product. But for selling any products your need to learn some skills. Like copywriting, Lead generation, social media marketing, blogging, and SEO. These skills help you to establish your online business.

How to promote Amazon Products

After joining the amazon associates program, the next step is to promote that product for getting sales. There are a lot of ways you can use to promote. But Now I am discussing with you some long-term ways.

which you can use to start selling amazon products.

Also, these ways make your name brand if you use your name. But if you can’t use your name then these ways give your business a new identity.

1. Youtube Channel

The first way that you can use to promote your products is a youtube channel. Because for the youtube channel, you don’t need any money to start. You just need a google ID which you can use to make your channel. But which type of channel do you need to make? So the answer is simple.

Start youtube channel

You need to make a product review channel. Where you make videos on products and then simply add your affiliate link in the youtube video description. There are a lot of YouTubers who you see regularly who provide you with product reviews.

Like VideowaliSarkar a channel where you find mobile reviews. For that, you need to start a youtube channel on your niche.

Like Smartwatch, Gaming Accoceries, and Fashion products. The second way you can use is to ask youtube. who is already in this field to add your affiliate link in his videos. But if you use this technique then you need money to give that YouTuber.

2. Blogging

The second and my favorite method are blogging. For blogging, you need some little investment to buy a domain and hosting for your blog. The domain is the name of your website. You can buy and the hosting is the online server where you store your blog files online.


Blogging is the best way to promote anything. Now let’s talk something about how you start blogging and start an amazon affiliate. As I said this is amazon ara in Pakistan. So amazon affiliate also is a hot topic in Pakistan. Thanks to Ismail blogger who promotes amazon affiliate marketing.

He make a detailed course on youtube about Amazon affiliate marketing. In that course, he will guide you on how you make an amazon blog. Which gives you a handsome amount of income.

like I have 3 blogs on the amazon niche. Which gives me a good amount of income. So with my experience, I will give you a roadmap that clears your mind about How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan. The first step is to decide your niche which is the most important.

Spend some time on niche research and find a low-competition niche. The second step is to buy a PMD domain and hosting. The third step is to set up and customize your blog with a WordPress blog theme. The fourth step is keyword research and writing content that ranks.

The last step is when your site is ready and gains some traffic. Then apply for the amazon associates program. Here I will provide you with a tip. When your site gains 10 to 20 clicks per day. Then apply for amazon associates because amazon has a policy you need to get 3 sales in 3 months after approval.

3. Social Media

The next way that you can use to promote your links is through social media. On social media, the first way is to join groups related to your niche and start pushing group members to buy your products. In this method, you need to work less, and this will give you a lot of rewards.

Social media

As you sell smartwatches just go on Facebook and join smartwatch-related groups. Then solve group members’ queries and I am damn sure after some time when you gain group member trust.

Push them to buy your products. But don’t promote those products which are useless only for commission. The second way is to make your own pages and groups. on pages start making content related to your niche. This takes some time but when your audience builds.

You sell anything because your audience trusts you. This enables you to promote different types of products easily. Which I think is the best for that person who can’t have much time to make videos and write articles. Because on social media you don’t need to make videos and articles.

Here you only need to make infographics that provide information related to your niche.

4. Paid advertising

The last way is to promote through paid ads. But for that you need money to spend, Here the tip is for you don’t spend money without any knowledge. Because on another method you lose time and energy. But here if you failed you lose your money.

Paid ads

So don’t spend money without experience and the right knowledge. When you learn everything and are well-known about how to promote products with paid ads.

There are a lot of platforms that you can use to run ads like google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads. The second thing which you need to understand deeply. Which is to find your target audience on Twitter you find celebs and political people. on Instagram and Facebook, you find a general audience.

The last one is LinkedIn on LinkedIn you find companies professionals like CEOs and CMOS. So choose your social media carefully and start work on it.

How to withdraw money from amazon affiliate in Pakistan

Now it’s time to talk about how you can withdraw money from amazon associates. Look you can’t get your money directly in your bank. Because Amazon cannot provide services in Pakistan. For that reason, amazon associates can’t support any Pakistani bank.

But that’s not meant you can’t get the money which you earn. For withdrawal, you need to use a service that helps you to get your money from amazon to Pakistan.

That’s Payoneer which every Pakistani use to get international money in Pakistan. For Payoneer, you need an email account and with some simple steps, you are login into your account. Payoneer provides you with USA, UK, and virtual banks. Which you can use for withdrawal.

When you get your money in Payoneer. After you need any bank account that links with Payoneer. The faysal bank is the bank which you can directly connect with Payoneer.

Also, you can use JazzCash to get your money from Payoneer. For the JazzCash account, you just need a Jazz sim. Then you make your JazzCash account easily.


After a detailed article now I am adding some FAQS which I think help you to solve your question. Which arrive in your mind.

1. How much does it cost to start Amazon affiliate marketing?

The short answer is NO you don’t need money to start amazon affiliate marketing. There are two ways to promote anything. The first one is paid and the second one is free. If you want results fast from an amazon affiliate. Then you need to learn paid ways. Because these ways provide you with fast results and you sell products easily. In a free way, you need to build content on various platforms. Which i already discuss with you.

2. How do I become an Amazon affiliate for beginners?

If you are a beginner make a website where you write content related to your niche. When your site gains traffic then apply for amazon associates. But don’t apply at the start, because without traffic amazon can’t give you approval.

3. How are Amazon affiliates paid?

When you make some money on an amazon affiliate. Then amazon has various payment methods like cheques, gift cards, and in banks. But in Pakistan, you need to use Payoneer to get your money from amazon.

4. Are Amazon affiliate sites profitable?

Yes, With hard work you make your site brand. Which gives you a lot of income from amazon affiliates. I personally see many sites that generate $10,000 to $20,000 from amazon affiliates. But for that level, you need to work hard and it takes time.

5. Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

No amazon can’t pay you for clicks. But when someone clicks on your link then amazon stores 90-day cookies and that person buys anything from amazon. Then amazon gives you a commission. Like you promote laptops and anybody clicks on your link. Then he can’t buy the laptop he buys a monitor. The best part is you got a commission which is the best for you.

6. How to Find an Amazon affiliate niche?

There are a lot of ways that you can use to find your niche. Like search your favorite topic and all around things which you find nearby you. Try to make a blog about your hobby.

Final Thoughts

Now let’s talk about some tips which help you to make money from amazon affiliates fast and long term. The first tip is if you are a newbie then my recommendation start an amazon affiliate Blog. Because with blogging, you learn a lot of things.

Like copywriting, how to write content, Graphic Designing, and seo. Which helps you to grow slowly and steadily. But when your blog ranks on google, Then that blog gives you passive income. Because on the blog you doing a one-time effort of a single blog post.

When that blog post ranks on google then you earn a lot from that blog post. The second tip is don’t go for that niche where you can’t have the proper knowledge. Becasue that niche irritates your research content in a long process.

In the start just make a blog on that niche where you have the right knowledge. when you earn a good amount of money from that blog. Then start other blogs on any niche, Because with money you doing anything. You don’t need to do research for your blog.

Just hire a Content writer who produces your content for other blogs. The third tip is don’t promote fake products only for commissions. Because this will ruin your blog and your audience.

The Last tip is to try to build your site brand. Becasue if you make your site brand in any field then that blog gives you lifetime money. And you don’t need to rely on SEO.

I hope you understand my tips and enjoy this guide on How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Now it’s time to wrap up this beautiful content. Thanks for reading this content.

DH ( Founder of moneysiren )

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