How to learn digital marketing in Pakistan

There are a lot of ways to learn digital marketing in Pakistan. But here I will tell you the best and most effective method to become a digital marketing expert.

Learn Digital marketing in pakistan

After 2021 the online industry grow rapidly and Now every business, and founders need digital marketers. Who helps them to increase their business online. But the most challenging part is finding the right way and mentoring. Who give you their knowledge which he gains by their experience.

In Pakistan, you find a lot of agencies that provide digital marketing courses. But honestly, a lot of courses are garbage. Because that only gives you information on how to use tools. using tools is not real digital marketing.

Digital marketing means experience if you want to get high profitable results. This is the thing I hate about most Pakistani courses.

But that does not mean Pakistani courses are bad. You only need to find the right person who has expertise in digital marketing.

What is a digital marketing

Digital marketing is the modern way of marketing. In digital marketing, you use the internet to promote your products, services, and content. Basically, any type of marketing which you can do through SEO, social media, or Google SEM is called digital marketing.

what is digital marketing

First of all, you need to understand one thing digital marketing is not difficult. Just you need to decide you area where you need to master that thing. Like in digital marketing there are two types of free digital marketing, Paid digital marketing.

In free/organic digital marketing you need to learn the ways to promote products free. The best way to promote business for free is through content creation. The second one is paid in paid one you just need to spend money to promote your business.

But in my term, you need to learn both types. Because this will make you a fully modern digital marketer. But this needs a lot of time and dedication.

Skills in digital marketing

There are plenty of skills that you need to learn So how do you configure which skills you need to master. Don’t worry I will tell you here which one is best for you. First, you need to learn about everyone. like What is SEO, and how it works.

When you learn some basic knowledge about SEO, SMM, Affiliate marketing, PPC, and email marketing. Then you understand which one is easy for you. Like when I was starting I configure doing SEO makes me happy. I enjoy doing SEO like me you find your interest and then go further deep in that skill.

But Don’t try to dive deep into every skill. Because This will collapse you and you cannot understand which is your core skills. Every digital marketer has its own strength and expertise in one skill.

Like Neil Patel, he is a Digital marketer but he has expertise in seo. In Pakistan Ismail blogger he is also a digital marketer but his expertise is Blogging. When you learn one skill then further explore all types. This will make you a knowledgeable digital marketing expert.

So let’s talk about some skills which you need to learn.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is a process to optimize your website based on factors. Which google considers for your website ranking on google’s top position. But why do you need to learn SEO?

Seo is the main factor of digital marketing if you want to get high-quality free traffic from search engines. Because seo help you in blogging. Blogging is the process to make a blog and generate content.

Like I already asked you if you want to start marketing for free. Then you need to start generating content. Blogging is the best way to do that. After generating content you rank that content by using seo.

Social media marketing

Marketing that you can do on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is called social media marketing.

Social media marketing has both things you can do free and paid marketing on it.

In free one, you need to generate content but if you want to get fast results, Then you need to start paid social media marketing.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)/ PPC (PayPerClick)

search engine marketing is the best way to get high-quality results through search engines. There are two ways to get traffic from Google. The first one is SEO that I already discussed with you.

What is ppc-

The second one is SEM or PPC in this way you run ads on google, bing, and yahoo. But almost 90 percent of people use So most advertisers and marketers prefer Google for online marketing.

Pay per click means you only pay Google. When someone clicks on your ads. Otherwise, you don’t need to pay google for only ads.

If you want to start advertising on google. Then google has its own advertising platform called google ads. Just try if you like these skills but don’t start without proper knowledge. Becasue here you have money risk.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the skill that you need to master after the first one. If you want to get another skill that helps you to enhance your mindset. Because seo and email marketing are great combinations for getting high profitable and long-term results.

Because When you rank your website through seo. Then you get a lot of traffic-free of cost. But you need to capture that traffic by collecting emails.

When you get the email then there are a lot of email marketing tools. Which you can use to start email marketing. In fact, these tools help you to automate the email marketing process.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a part of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is its self 12 billion dollar industry.

affiliate marketing- learn digital marketing in pakistan

Also, it will be increased If you become a part of this field. Then you make millions of dollars easily.

In affiliate marketing, you sell products on a commission base. Now it’s up to you how to sell that product and how much you get your commission. A lot of affiliate marketing platforms are available on the internet. You just need to join that platform.

Then start promoting products. It’s up to you which way you can use it. Most people use blogging because this will gives you sales by doing one-time work. In social media marketing or PPC, you need money to spend. For this, you need to master social media marketing and PPC.

Other skills required for digital marketing

SEO, SMM, Email marketing, etc is a professional skills that you must need. But there are some other skills which also give you an extra edge.

After learning these skills you become a one-man army in the digital marketing sector. These are not skills you need to master. But you need to get efficient knowledge about these skills.

So Now let’s talk about these skills.

WordPress (Website Designing)

WordPress is open-source cms that use to make websites & Blogs. Almost 70 percent of websites are made on wordpress. So offcourse you need to learn wordpress if you need to do seo on the wordpress website.

But if wordpress there are a lot of seo plugins that help you a lot in seo. Like Yoast, rank math, All in one SEO. These are the plugins also you need to learn, But learning WordPress seo is very easy.

But if you learn wordpress designing, this also gives you an extra edge. because you don’t need any designer to help you.

Content and Copy Writing

Writing is the most essential skill you need to must learn. But if you have the vision to start a blog, Then you need to know how to write a blog.

But if you cannot have a plan to start a blog. Then just learn copywriting because in every field of digital marketing you need to write something related to your ads. If you learn copywriting then this will help you to make more Convertable ads.

Which gives you more leads and customers. Copywriting is not a skill that you learn from any course. Copywriting is a creative thing that you improve by practice. Practice makes you perfect.

Basic Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the next skill that you must need to learn to design ads. But it’s not neccesroy to learn full graphic design. Like me, I cannot have a piece of proper knowledge about software and anything related to graphics design.

I only use canva to make my designs. If I need a professional designer then I hire professional designers. So I don’t ask you to learn all software and everything. But if you have an interest in graphic designing and you have a creative mind. Then must learn graphic design.

These are some other skills which you must need to learn after your master skill. But these are not only skills. There are a lot of other skills which also enhance your digital marketing knowledge and give you an extra edge.

Scope of digital marketing in Pakistan

In Pakistan after covid, the business needs digital marketers. Who’s helped them to increase their business online. For that reason, in Pakistan, they cannot find properly knowledgeable and skilled digital marketers.

Scope of digital marketing in pakistan

The simple thing there are a lot of gaps that you can fill by learning digital marketing in Pakistan. Job is the first except also with digital marketing skills. You start your own businesses which gives you a lot more than a job.

The latest reports say 17 % of people use the internet and the number grows day by day. I Write a detailed article about the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan. So must learn if you want to get more knowledge.

Salary of digital marketing in Pakistan

Now you think if you learn digital marketing in Pakistan. How much salary do you get from my job? Basically, it depends on your position. If you cannot complete your bachelor then maybe no one appoints you directly for digital marketing jobs.

Because in Pakistan every job related to digital marketing demands a bachelor’s degree. But I will tell you how much salary you get and how you get digital marketing jobs. Basically, if you learn digital marketing. The first step find jobs related to your master’s skills.

Like my strongest skill is seo and in starting I work as a seo trainee and, then when I leave that company my position was the seo team leader.

Because I prove myself over there, just start any job which you get related to digital marketing. When you appoint learn new skills and then this will help you to grow your position. At the start, your salary starts around 20 to 30k.

When you have been promoted your salary increases so just don’t go for the high-salary job just search job-related to digital marketing. Also, the salary depends on your company if your company has a very high profile then your salary increases.

But if you work in a startup your salary may be low. So, don’t think you get high-salary jobs in a starting.

How to learn digital marketing in Pakistan

Digital marketing has a lot of sectors. First, you need to decide which field you need to enter. Then after that, I will tell you some ways which you can use to start learning.

Youtube / Google

The first step which helps you to learn digital marketing in Pakistan is youtube. Because you learn your skills free of cost is youtube and google. You can learn free of cost everything from youtube. after 2021 youtube become the best platform to learn online skills. I also learn everything from youtube.


Courses in the second method if you want to learn your skills fast and easily. Because if you learn from youtube then you need to find topics and learn them. But in courses, you find every topic which you can need to learn.

But the drawback is you don’t need to do those courses where you cannot know about mentors. Before buying any course you need to learn about a mentor who provides that course. If you find the mentor has great experience in that skill. Then buy that course and learn from them.

Also if you find your mentor on any social media pages. Must follow the pages and content. Because you learn the new methods and proven tricks from your mentor.

Start Blogs or create Social media pages

If you want to learn digital marketing in Pakistan then the best way to learn seo is by blogging. Because in blogging you learn seo, content writing, copywriting, and graphic designing. After one year starts your social media pages under the name of your website.

Then start making videos and infographics and upload them on your social media pages. This will help you to learn social media marketing and content creation.

This will take two to three years. After that, if you work regularly your website becomes a brand in your niche segment, and you learn everything related to digital marketing by practical.

Youtube channel and digital marketing courses

Now I will provide you with a list of some youtube courses and some youtube channels. Which you can follow to learn digital marketing-related skills easily.

List of youtube channels 

  1. Hisham Sarwar
  2. Ismail Blogger
  3. E-learning Point
  4. Shoaib Ahmed

List of digital marketing courses in Pakistan

  1. Azadchaiwala institute
  2. Digiskills
  3. IDMPakistan

These are some resources that you need to follow to become the new era, digital marketing expert. I hope you understand what the future of digital marketing in Pakistan, and how to learn digital marketing in Pakistan.

Thanks for reading,

DH (Founder of MoneySiren)

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