30 Verified Apps & Websites for Online Earning in Pakistan

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If you are frustrated with your job then the Internet is the way to rid you of 9 to 5 jobs. In 2023 There are a lot of websites and apps that you can use to earn money online. In this article, I will share with you 30 apps and Websites that you can use to earn money online. 

Online Earning in Pakistan

But before I start reviewing apps you need to understand some points. First of all, if someone asks you to invest money to create online earnings, Then Don’t give any money to anyone, because right now it’s possible to create free online earnings. 

The second thing is learning, if you want to earn a good amount of money online. Then you need to focus on your learning and learn some skills. 

Because with skills you can easily monetize yourself and earn money online. The last and important tip is don’t buy any paid course. You can easily learn any type of skill by YouTube and Google like me. I can learn all my skills from YouTube. 

These are some important tips for you. I hope you can consider these tips, Now it’s time to start reviewing these apps. 

Best online earning websites in pakistan

First, let’s talk about website lists Because you can earn your main income from websites. But these websites are not those websites. Where you think you can do some clicks and then you earn. 

Best online earning websites in pakistan

These are all real websites that you can use to earn money. But for these sites, you need to learn some skills to start. But believe me, if you only choose one website and learn about it. Then you can quickly start to earn a good amount of money within 6 months. 

1. Daraz [ eCommerce Website ]

Daraz is an e-commerce website where people buy online products. But you can use this Daraz to earn a good amount of money online in pakistan. 

A) Sell Products on Daraz

The first way is to sell products on Daraz. Yes, you can easily sell products on Daraz. 

But for that, you need to learn some skills like social media marketing. Because after store setup you need sales and social media marketing is the best way to get instant sales. If this way excites you and you think this is the way for you,

Then you need to take 3 steps. The first one is product hunting, in this step, you need to find the profitable and ever-green product for you. Then after finding those products, your second step is to source that product. After sourcing the last step is to list it on your store. 

Now you think what can I do, I don’t know anything. But don’t worry just search on YouTube “Daraz Ecommece course” then you will find a lot of free courses. Learn from them and start your own journey. 

B) Daraz Affiliate Marketing

The second way that you can make money from Daraz is through affiliate marketing. Yes, Daraz has its own affiliate marketing program. You can easily join it and earn money. In affiliate marketing, you sell someone’s products on a commission basis.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online free of cost. You can easily promote Daraz products to your family and friends, and when they buy you get commission. But if you want to move the Daraz affiliate to the next level, then I think you need to start social media marketing or blogging. 

In both ways you promote products and if someone buys those products through your link you will get a good amount of commissions. 

2. Amazon [ E-commerce website ]

Like Daraz Amazon is also an e-commerce platform. However, Amazon has a lot of ways to make money online. I use personally Amazon affiliate to earn a good amount of money.  But we discussed all possible ways that you can use it.

A) Amazon Store

 You can sell your products on Amazon like Daraz. But Amazon has 2.7 Billion customers and Amazon operates in almost 50 countries. That means you have a big market to earn. But if you are in pakistan, Then first you need to ship your products to that country. 

Where you want to sell products, Because Amazon doesn’t operate in pakistan. But if you or your relative are in Europe, then Amazon has a lot of potentials. You can easily earn millions of dollors from Amazon. 

B) Amazon Associates

 Amazon has an affiliate program by the name of Amazon Associates. I use this way to earn money from Amazon. Basically, iam doing Amazon affiliate blogging. The whole process is I build blogs related to any product category. Then I write an article on those products and add my Amazon links. 

When someone buys a product through my blog, I earn a good commission. Because I use seo to rank my blogs on keywords. That’s why I get a decent amount of traffic on that blog. 

C) Amazon Kindle

If you are a writer and love to write, Then this is the best way to earn money through Amazon. Because in this way you just need to write and publish an ebook on Amazon. And when someone buys your book, you earn money. 

But if you are not a writer and want to earn money through Amazon Kindle, Then I will give you an idea, just publish kids’ sketch books or kids’ story books. You can easily generate stories through chat gpt. After generating stories just proofread, and Then publish your book on Amazon Kindle. 

D) Amazon App Store

If you are an app developer, then Amazon has a platform where you can easily publish your apps. But Amazon can’t give you any money for publishing. You need to find a way to monetize your apps. 

These are the best ways that you can use to earn money through Amazon. But these are not enough amazon has more ways. That you need to find on your own. I think that’s enough now we need to move on next website. 

3. Chat GPT / Google Bard [ AI ChatBots ]

Chat gpt and google bard are AI chatbots. You can use these as an assistant. Just give them any question then they provide you answer. But you can use them to earn money online. For the last 5 to 6 months I have used both and I find all possibilities that we can use to earn from them. 

But here I will discuss with you some of the best ways. That you can use to earn from AI bots easily. 

A) Freelancing

 You can easily start providing some services by using the chatgpt and google bard. Like Copywriting, In this service, you just need to provide your clients, with different types of copywriting services. 

Copywriting is the creative writing that a person writes for advertising purposes. Copywriting has a lot of types like seo copywriting, Product copywriting, landing pages copywriting, B2B, and B2c copywriting. You can easily do all these types of copywriting with these chatbots. 

Also, you can provide translation services, Proofreading, Social media caption generation, and many more. 

B) Blogging

After AI tools right now blogging is very easy to do. You can easily use these chatbots to write your articles and then after writing publish them on your blogs. 

But remember both AI bots are large language models. They generate information more like general, and sometimes this information might not be 100% accurate. 

So after writing, you need to proofread your article and add the latest facts and information to make your content up-to-date. But there are a lot of niches, where you don’t need facts. So you can easily start blogging on these niches by chatbots. 

4. Bing image creator / Dall-E / Mid Journey 

Like chat gpt and bard ai you can earn money from these tools. But these are not AI chatbots, These tools help you to generate free AI images. But I found some ways to earn money from these tools. Which iam starting to discuss with you. 

Like I said these are image creator tools, You just give them text-based prompts and these tools generate unique images for you. 

So all ways that you can use, to earn money from them related to graphics. The first way is to provide freelancing services like social media post creation, ad copy creation, and many more. The secound way is to create images and sell them on many platforms like Shutterstock, Images Bazaar, and many more. 

The last way is creating visual content, I saw a lot of Instagram pages of instgram. Where they provide generating images. Just generate images upload them on social media and earn from them.

I personally like the last way, because when you build your audience, Then you have limitless ways to earn from them. So in my term focus on creating content on it. 

5. Youtube [ Make youtube channels ] 

YouTube channels are the best way to earn money online without investment. There are a lot of YouTubers who earn millions of dollars every month from YouTube. Like Mr. Beast, Duckbahi, Azad Chaiwala, Hisham sarwar, and ismail blogger. 

Like them, If you want to earn money from YouTube, Just you need to follow some steps. Don’t worry, I will share with you these steps that need to be taken. 

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A) Find Niche

The first step is to find a niche for a YouTube channel. Niche is the topic of your channel. There are a lot of niches that you pick. But I suggest you, work on that niche where you have information, Like I have a YouTube channel. Where I make content related to seo and blogging. 

As I already told you I have 5 years of experience that I share with people. Who want to earn money from blogging. Selecting your niche is the first thing. After selecting you need to pick, what type of channel you need to create. 

Because you can create two types of channels Face channel or faceless channel. So you need to decide. If you are comfortable showing your face on YouTube, Then my recommendation make a face channel. 

Because with face you not only make money, but also you will be the brand in your niche. So when a face has a branding power, Then there a limitless ways that you can use to earn from your brand. Because you have an audience who trust you and follows you. 

B) Make a Channel on youtube 

The second step is to make your channel on YouTube. For creating a channel you need a Google account. IF you don’t have a Google account make one for you. After making an ID, open a YouTube and then on the right side, you will see your ID icon. 

Click on that icon and then click on Create a channel. Then give your channel a name and hit create channel. Now you will see your channel created. Don’t worry I am adding a video where you will find a detailed guide to create a YouTube channel. 

C: Creating Video Content 

After creating a channel, it’s time to make video content on your channel. But here I will give you a tip that will help you to grow your YouTube channel fast. Don’t focus on creating the content that you want.

In the start focus on creating content that people want to see, The Best thing is to focus on trends. If you find any trending topic, Then try to implement it in your field. The second tip is to focus on your thumbnail and title. Because these are the most important things that help you to grow your channel. 

These are the steps that you need to take to start your channel. Now let’s talk about earnings when your channel gains subscribers and audience. You can earn a good amount of money from it by placing ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. 

6. Udemy [ Online course platform ]

If you are a professional of any skill, then Udemy is the platform that you can use to earn passive income with minimum effort. Udemy is an online learning platform, Where you can create and publish your own course. 

First, select a niche where you have a piece of knowledge, Then create a full detailed course on your niche. After creating your course, set a price and publish the course. I will recommend you before publishing your course. Use low-competition keywords in the Title. 

Because That helps your course to rank on Google. In this way, you will get free-of-cost sales on your course. Lastly, I will recommend you build an audience and share this course with them.

Like right now iam thinking of taking a course on “ways for online earning in pakistan”. After making this course I will promote it in my blog. Because I have an audience who read blogs on a daily basis. In this way, I will get free course sales from my blog. 

Like me, try to build an audience base, because that helps you earn money passively.

7. Learnonline.pk [ Online course platform ]

Like Udemy, learnonline. pk is an online platform where you can publish your course. Ismail Blogger (A well-known blogger and YouTuber ) is the owner of this platform. 

Right now in 2023 learnonline.pk provide free-of-cost courses. But soon this platform will start selling paid courses. 

The best way Thing its a pakistani platform, So if you don’t know the english language very well, Then you can easily create a course in the urdu language, and publish it on this platform. 

8. Fiverr [ Freelancing Plateform ]

Fiverr is one of the best and most popular freelancing platforms. Where you can start your freelancing career. Because fiverr has more the 5.5 million sellers, Who is willing to buy your services.

You can start any type of services on fiverr like programming, Digital marketing, Website development, and many more.  You just need to pick your skills and then make an account on this platform. 

There are a lot of platforms in the freelancing category. But fiverr is more famous because of its gig base system and $5 services. A gig is a service that you create on fiverr and when a buyer finds you they order your services In fiverr, buyers find you.

The second thing, you will mostly find $5 services on fiverr. But it does not mean you will only sell $5 services. I will recommend you set your gig price according to your work Don’t go for $5. Lastly please learn seo for fiverr, if you want to get an order. 

Because seo will help you to rank your gig in the first position.

9. Upwork [ Freelancing Platform ] 

Like fiverr upwork is also a freelancing platform, these two are the most popular platforms in the market. But the key difference is on fiverr seller finds you. Here you will need to find clients. 

In upwork, you will bid on clients’ proposals. And if the client likes your proposal then he will contact you through massages. After the client’s message, it’s up to your communication skills. If you have solid english and good communication skills, 

Then the chances are high that clients like you and give you a project. But Upwork is for those people who have strong skills and a brilliant portfolio. If you have these two things then join upwork, Because without these things chances are very low you will get success. 

Don’t worry if you are a beginner then my recommendation is to start from fiverr. I recommend you, because at the start when I came into the online field I worked on both platforms. Fiverr is easier than upwork so start with fiverr and then move on to upwork after gaining experience and portfolio. 

10. Blogger [ Free Blogs building Plateform ]

Blogger is the platform that you can use to create your free blog. Blogger is the product of Google. If you don’t have money to spend and you want to start blogging, Then I will recommend you start with Blogger. 

Right now, on YouTube, I see a lot of youtuber say to start with wordpress. Because wordpress is good and Blogger is bad. The simple difference is worpress has more features than Blogger. Also, bloggers need manual work. 

But in WordPress, if you need any feature, Then you just install the plugin and you will get that feature. But don’t worry blogger is the best platform to start your blogging journey.

You need to just take some steps. The first one find a niche where you want to start blogging. After finding a niche set up your blog on Blogger. For setting a blog, you just need a Google ID. If you don’t have any make it. 

Don’t worry iam adding a full blogger course, that will help you to make your blog on it.  

11. OLX [ Old things selling Site ]

Olx is one of the best plateform, where you can sell your old Products like Electronics, furniture, cars and many more things. But with Olx, you can easily make money. Basically, if you want to earn money from OLX,

Then you need to make an account over there and list your old things on it. That you don’t use anymore and when someone buys it you will get money. 

Now you will be thinking but you don’t have anything to sell. Don’t worry I will tell you a way that you can use to make money from it by selling things. You just need to find some shops nearby. After finding shops, ask the shop owner you will sell their products online free of cost. 

I’m damn sure some of them will give you permission. After permission take pictures of products, List them on OLX with extra money. When the product sells cut the extra money it’s your commission.  Like a person selling a pair of shoes in RS 1000. You will sell them between RS 1300 to RS 1500. 

By following this technique you can easily get RS 200 to Rs 300 Commission on every product. 

Now it’s up to you how much product you will sell and how much commission you will easily earn. This is the only way that you can use to earn money from OLX. I think That’s enough for it now to move to another site. 

12. Google Adsence [ Ads Placement Network ] 

If you want to earn money passively, Then adsence is the best plateform that you can use to earn money. Google Adsence is the ads network, where you will apply through a website or from a YouTube channel. 

In terms of the website, when you apply for adsence, Google will review your application. After reviewing if your site is eligible Google will give you Approval. With approval, your site shows ads. 

Ads are the first way that everyone uses to earn money from the start. This is the complete process for the website. But If you have a YouTube channel, You need to complete 4000 Hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. When your channel completes this requirement, then you will apply for monitization from adsence.

After reviews when Google gives you approval on YouTube, your videos are ready to show ads. Which means you can earn from it. 

Now let’s talk about how to earn money from Google Adsense. Like I already told you, If you want to earn from it you need Websites or YouTube channels. I already discussed it in my previous articles. I will add the link to those articles. Must ready it to clear your concept about it.

13. Flippa [ Websites & Domain Selling Market Place ]

Websites and domain flipping are the biggest businesses. If you want to earn money from this business, Then I will provide you with some tips that help you to earn from this industry. 

First, let’s talk about website flipping, In this method, you will make websites and sell them to others. There are different types of websites you can sell here. But if you want to earn $10k plus, Then I am recommending you make a site and work on it. 

When your website earns at least $100 per month, You can easily flip it 10 times. Now let’s talk about domains. For a domain, you just need to buy some domain and resell it. Basically domain has a lot of variation. If you find a unique name available in the market, That means after buying it’s your domain. 

After buying that domain you resell that to others at any price. The price starts from $20 and goes up to millions. The price depends on the domain if you have a short, unique, and easy-to-remember domain. Then you can sell it at a high price Because you have a crazy highly valuable domain. 

I Think you understand, what is domain and website flipping. Now I will tell you interesting things that help you to understand the potential of domain business. If you are from pakistan then maybe you know the famous Pakistani youtuber, businessman, and investor Azad Chaiwala. 

He has a lot of experience in Domain flipping. Because Azad chaiwala earned a lot of money from the domain flipping industry. I am adding his video to watch it. because this will help you to understand more about this industry.

14. Shutterstock Proofread 

If you are a photographer or like to capture videos and photos, Then this website is for you, You can easily create money from Shutterstock. Shutterstock is one of the best stock photo and video libraries. A lot of people sell their images and videos on Shutterstock

You just need to capture some unique and cool images. Then upload on Shutterstock, When someone buys it you will earn. 

This is the best way to create a passive income stream. if you want to start, Then you need a professional camera or mobile that has a high-resolution camera. Because people buy your image or video If the resolution is HD or 4k. 

So buy a camera or phone if you have a budget. But if you don’t have any budget, then don’t select this way. Pick any other one and work on it.

15. Canva [ Graphic Designing Platform ] 

If you have an interest in Graphic design and want to start freelancing. Then instead of Photoshop Canva is the best platform for you in the start. Canva was started in 2012 but at that time Canva did not have a great feature. 

But now in 2023 canva has a lot of features, that you can use to make different types of graphics for you. Recently I checked, canva has 15M templates of many things. So You can create different types of graphics like social media graphics, banners, certificates, and many more. 

With canva, you can easily start freelancing and earning from it. Also if you have an online presence, Then you can create your PDFs and ebooks with the help of canva. Which you can sell and make money from.

I hope you understand what is canva. Now let’s move to the next website. 

16. WorkChest [ Pakistani Freelancing Plateform ] 

Like upwork and fiverr, Workchest is also a freelancing platform. But Workchest is the pakistani base plateform built by Hisham sarwar. Hisham Sarwar is one of the top YouTubers and freelancers in pakistan. 

If you can’t find clients internationally, Then I recommend you to try workchest. Workchest has both feature bid and gig. You can easily make gigs on workchest like fiverr. Also like upwork, you can bid on clients’ projects.

 If you are a beginner and want to start as a freelancer, Then workchest is the best platform for you. Because workchest has less competition and you can easily get clients on workchest. 

17. PeoplePerHour [ Freelancing Platform ]

If you want to be a  freelancer and you have digital marketing-related skills like seo, smm, and others. Then Peopleperhour is the best plateform for you. Because this platform focuses on digital marketing skills. 

Fiverr and upwork are the best platforms. But on that plateform, the competition is very high. You need to do a lot of work to build your own career on it. If you are a new freelancer, then I recommend you focus on one skill platform.

Or start work on a new platform. Because these platforms have less competition. from my experience, I tell you don’t rely on these platforms. With These platforms, you will need to focus on social media platforms.

 Because social media has a lot of potential, you will easily get clients from social media. 

18. 99 Designs [ Freelancing Platform ]

Like people per hour, 99 design focuses on one skill, and that’s Graphic designing. If you are a great graphic designer. Then on this platform, you got new opportunities. You just need to sign up designer profile and showcase your skills. 

This platform is totally different from others, Here you will find contests. Where freelancers participate and sellers select to see the design. Freelancer who makes the best design wins the contest. 

The best thing that I like about this platform is earning. If you are a creative graphic designer and you have experience, Then you can easily make money through these contests. For these contests, clients pay between $ 299 to $1299. 

19. Envato Market 

Envato market is the marketplace, Where you can buy and sell digital assets. This is the best platform to earn a passive income. If you are a programmer then you can earn money from this platform passively. 

Here you can sell your own themes, codes, and graphic designs. The best part is you only make anything at once, but people buy it for a lot of time. 

Like me, I buy a lot of things from envato for example wordpress themes and plugins. Recently I bought a seo script that I use to make my own seo tool. The simple thing is if you have a skill, Just build digital assets. That will help you to earn money from it. 

20. CJ ( Commission Junction ) 

CJ is the best affiliate marketing plateform. On this platform, you will find a lot of advertisers. You just need to sign up on CJ. Then apply for advertising, a lot of advertisers give you approval. After approval, you just need to promote that product through your links. 

There are a lot of ways that you can use to sell these products. The first one is to promote through blogging. I have multiple blogs and I use them to promote all my affiliate products. When someone buys that product through my link. I get a commission. 

The second way that you can use is the paid one. In this method, You will need to make an ad about products that you want to promote. After making an ad promote it on multiple social media platforms. 

These are the ways that you can start your affiliate marketing journey. If you have money to spend, Then I recommend you learn and start with paid ads. Because this is the fast way to start income from affiliate marketing. 

Now it’s time to wrap up the list of websites and start seeing the best apps that you can use to earn money. 

Best apps to earn money in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the second part of this article. After reviewing 20 websites now i will share with you the best apps that you will use to earn money online in Pakistan. 

Best apps to earn money in Pakistan

1. Easypaisa [ Pakistani Mobile Wallet ] 

The first app that will help you earn money is easypaisa. But The first thing I will tell you Easypaisa is not an app where you will earn lacs. Easypaisa is a pakistani mobile wallet. That people use to transfer their money around pakistan.

But I will tell you some ways that you can use to earn money from easypaisa. The reason to add Easypaisa is this list is easypaisa provides you passive income. 

In Passive income, you don’t need to do any daily work to earn. In a passive way, you will work some days on it, Then you earn a good amount of money from that way.

Now let’s talk about how you can earn money from Easypaisa. The first way is affiliate promotion, Easypaisa has an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a way to promote someone’s products and get commissions on sales. 

In easypaisa when someone makes an account through your link. You will earn RS 50 rupees on every signup and a person who makes an account gets RS 100. This is the first method now let’s talk about the second method. 

The second method is saving in easypaisa. If you have money to invest, Then you can easily invest your money in an easypaisa investment plan. This will make you money on the basis of the year. Easypaisa saving plan has a lot of types. I wrote a detailed article about these ways. 

Must check that article which help you to understand more about this app. 

2. Ktrade [ PSX Stock Broker ] 

If you want to earn money from the share market. This is the best app that helps you to earn money in pakistan from the stock exchange. Ktrade is the app of Brokar that helps you to trade in PSX. PSX’s name is the pakistani stock exchange. 

Trading is the way that helps you generate money fast. But for that first you need to learn how to trade in the stock exchange. Then you can earn a lot of money from trading. Also, the stock market is the best way to your net worth. 

But in terms of building net worth, You need to invest your money on a long-term basis. Because trading will help you to earn money. But with investing you will build your net worth. So focus on both things and learn both trading and investing. 

For trading, you just need to learn technical analysis and strong skills to understand the psychology of the market. But for investing you need to learn both technical and fundamental analysis. 

Because for long-term investing fundamental analysis is very important. So learn it, before investing in the stock exchange. After learning contact the Ktrade representative, he help you to open your account with Ktrade. 

After opening an account, you will use the Ktrade app to trade your shares and earn money from it. 

3. Pubg & Free Fire [ Online Battle royal Game ] 

Now let’s talk about two games that help you earn a lot of money online. But first of all, let’s talk about these apps. Pubg and Free Fire are battleground games. So if you are a game lover. Then by playing these games, you can easily earn a good amount of money. 

But these apps can’t pay you money by themselves in the start. But there are some ways that you can use to earn from these games. 

The first way is to make content related to these games and upload it on a YouTube channel. There are a lot of YouTube channels where gamers earn money from YouTube by playing different types of games. 

Like them, you can easily earn money by making videos on these games. Also, there are a lot of games, that you can play and earn by making content. You can’t make money in the start from the channel, but if you consistently work on your channel. Then you will earn a good amount of money from YouTube. 

The second way is to play competition of these games. Like if you follow the pubg game, Then you already know there are a lot of tournaments pubg players play to earn money. When players win they get a lot of prizes. 

If you work on this method, You need to do a lot of hard work with patience. But I am damn sure you will work this way. Then after some time, you will earn a lot of income with fun. 

4. Facebook [ Social media Platform ] 

Facebook is the app that helps you earn a good amount of money. In the beginning, Facebook couldn’t provide you with money. But now in pakistan Facebook has multiple monitization methods. If you are eligible for this method. 

Then you can easily earn money from Facebook. But to earn from Facebook, first, you need to make a Facebook page. Where you can share your content in any niche. Then when your page will complete eligibility requirements. 

Your page will be monetized and you can earn from Facebook. Also, you can earn money from Facebook in different ways if you have an audience on Facebook. Like by affiliate marketing, or selling your own products to your audience. 

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by selling someone’s products. After getting an audience you can promote them affiliate products in your niche. 

Also, you can earn by selling them your products, which are relevant to your niche. I already published detailed posts on this topic, that help you understand how you can earn money from Facebook.

5. Instagram [ Social media platform ] 

Facebook and Instagram are the products of Meta. Like Facebook, you can easily earn money from Instagram. But for that, you need to build an audience on Instagram and share content on any niche. 

In 2023 Instagram promoting reels, So if you want to grow on Instagram in 2023. Then I will recommend you to make reels related to your niche. 

After building an audience, you can use different ways to make money from Instagram. Like promoting affiliate products, Selling products, Sponsored posts, etc. 

Also, Instagram has its monetization method. After being eligible for your page, you can earn from monetization. But this method isn’t available right now in pakistan. So you need to focus on another method of earning. Because that’s the best way to earn a handsome amount of money. 

6. Twitter AKA X [ Social media platform ] 

Twitter recently launched its monetization method. Also, Twitter changed its name to X. In 2023 You can earn from Twitter but for that, you need to complete the requirements. 

  1. You need to subscribe to Twitter’s premium
  2. Active stripe account 
  3. 5 Million Impression from the last 3 months 

The first 2 requirement is easy to fulfill. But in terms of the third, you need to work on it. So if you actively use Twitter and you have an audience. Then you can easily complete this requirement. But like me, if you don’t use Twitter much, Then it’s time to use Twitter actively.

These are the requirements that you need to fulfill. But as a pakistani, it’s not easy to earn money from Twitter. Because you can’t make a stripe account in pakistan. You need a person who makes a stripe account for you. 

If you have any relatives outside pakistan, and your requirements are complete. Then you can start making money from Twitter aka X. 

7. Snack Video [ Short video platform] 

When TikTok was banned in pakistan, a new app came and that was Snackvideo. In 2021 snackvideo grew its user base very fast. Snack video is the short video sharing plateform. Where you can share your content, that has less than a one-minute duration. 

If you are using snackvideo actively. Then you can easily earn money from snackvideo.

There are a lot of ways that you can use to earn money from snackvideo. The first method is a referral program, You will need to promote the snackvideo through your link. After promoting someone downloads and makes an account.

Then You will earn some points, Which you can convert into money. After converting You can easily withdraw your money in your easypaisa and JazzCash accounts. 

This is the main method, For more income you need an audience base. If you have a strong user base on snack videos. Then you can create money from sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling your own products. 

8. Whatsapp [ Online messaging app ] 

Whatsapp is a messaging app, With whatsapp you can contact your family and friends. Now in 2023, everyone use whatsapp. But they don’t know the potential of whatsapp. Before discussing the ways of earning, let’s talk about something. If you have a big contact list, Then you can easily earn money from whatsapp.

But if you don’t have a large contact list. Then first you need to build your own contact numbers list. The best way you can use to build your contact list is Facebook ads. 

But before building a list, first, you need to decide what type of audience list you want to build. Like I have a 1000 plus whatsapp number of students, And they want to earn money online. Recently, I built an ebook that I sold to these 1000 students. 

I build these types of contact lists through Facebook ads. So like me, you can also build your contact list easily. Because if you have a contact list. Then you can easily earn money by promoting your own products or affiliate products. 

9. Tiktok [ Short video platform] 

Now tiktok is the best platform to grow as a content creator. In 2023 tiktok has a lot of potential to grow your audience. With an audience, you can earn a lot of money from tiktok. First Let’s talk about what is the ways that tiktok used to pay you.

The first monetization method is the creator fund that tiktok launched in 2020. The idea to do this is to encourage creators to make content on tiktok. Because without earning making content is useless. 

So As a creator, you can earn money from creator funds based on your views. But sadly you can’t make money from this method. Because tiktok only pay to U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy, France, and Spain creators.

The secound method Creative program. In this program, tiktok organizes an event. Where all content creators participate to compete. And tiktok picks the three best videos and pays them the rewards. Last time the first prize was $20,000. 

The third method that you can use to earn money is Tiktok Live. In this method, your viewer sends you gifts in your live. In pakistan, you can easily make money from Tiktok Live. Because tiktok recently launched its live feature in pakistan. 

These are the ways that tiktok used to pay you. But there are a lot of other ways that you can use to earn money, like affiliate marketing, Brand promotion, and selling digital products.

10. Food Panda [ Online food Delivery platform ] proofread 

If you have a restaurant and you want to make money online. Then this is the best app for you. You just need to sign up on Food Panda and offer what you made in your restaurant. 

In pakistan, I see a lot of people who love to buy food online. So it’s time to grab the opportunity. Because after 2023 now it’s the online era. So you need to take a step that helps you to grow your business. 


Are these apps & Websites the best options for Beginners

Which earning app is real

How can I earn real money online in Pakistan


These are the apps and websites, that you can use to create money online. Here I will provide you tips that will help you. There are two ways to make money online. The first one is active and the secound one is passive. 

In active income, you will work actively and get paid. But in passive income, You don’t need to work a lot for the money. Just one-time work and you will earn passively.

My recommendation focuses on both ways. Because active income is necessary for daily day-to-day use. But with time if you focus on the passive way, You will convert your active income into passive.

The best way to make money in a passive way is to build a strong audience base. Because this will enable you to make a lot of money in different ways. Like affiliate marketing, monetization, selling own products, etc. 

I think now it’s time to wrap up this article, I hope you will learn something from here. 

Thanks for reading.
DH Founder of Money Siren

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