Top 11 online earning websites in Pakistan 2023

If you want to make money online. Then there are a lot of websites. which you can use to make money online. Here I will tell you the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Which you can use to start online earnings.

online earning websites in Pakistan

For earning online you need strong skills. Like I am a digital marketing expert. Digital marketing is my skill.

Which I can use to make money online. But how do you determine, which skills are best for you? First of all, decide what is your nature. Like there are two types of people creative, and logical builders. I am not a creative person. I can’t make good graphics.

But my logical thinking is the best which makes me build technical things. Digital marketing is the name of building strategies. Also, I love to do my own business, and for that reason I choose marketing. Because a business without marketing is nothing.

Like me first, decide your area of interest and your hobbies. Because this will admire you to learn those skills fast and easily.

After skills, you need a platform where you sell your skills, or by using those skills you make money online. For that reason, I will help you by giving you a list of websites that you can use to make money online. So let’s start the website review.

1. Workchest

wordchest  online earning websites in Pakistan

The first website that iam adding to the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Workchest is a Pakistani freelancing website founded by Hisham Sarwar. Hisham Sarwar is the Pakistani top freelancer and digital marketing expert.

if you are a freelancer or want to learn to freelance. Then I damn sure you know Hisham Sarwar. But if you can’t know then it’s your bad luck. Just search about Hisham Sarwar and his success.

In workchest, you need to apply a bid on that project. And when you are selected for this project. Then you start your work. The best part if you are a legit freelancer then you don’t need to worry about your profile ban.

Like most freelancers, websites are banned website without any reason. Here you don’t need to worry if you do any wrong or if any client does wrong to you. Then after reviewing your account ban if you are doing wrong.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the second website that I am adding is the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Fiverr is the most popular freelancing platform in Pakistan. When someone talks about freelancing. Then most of the people ask to make an account on Fiverr.


But no one doesn’t know how Fiverr works. How you start your career on Fiverr? Don’t worry I am here to guide you on how to start your career on Fiverr and make a good amount of earnings on Fiverr.

The first point you need to learn about Fiverr is how Fiverr algorithms work and how your gig rank. I mean you need to learn SEO for Fiverr. Which helps you to optimize your gig that rank on Fiverr. Of course, if your gig rank you get projects, and when you get projects.

Then you start making money. But now you think what is gig. A gig is an offer that you display on your profile. In Fiverr gig is everything. So it’s recommended you learn how gigs work.

On Fiverr, you need to face a lot of competition. Don’t follow any youtube interview where a person says I make thousands of dollars from Fiverr. Because that person does struggle with their profile. First, you need to build your profile. Then after that, you start making money.

The drawback of Fiverr is you need to compete on the price. Because a lot of freelancers make their gigs and sell services like you at a cheap rate. So get ready for that competition. But if your profile grows then you increase your price.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is another website that I am adding to the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Freelancer is the most popular website. Where you find high-pay and low-paying clients. As a freelancer you get connects. Which you can use to apply a bid.

freelancer online earning websites in Pakistan

Bid a proposal that you can send to your clients. If you are selected for that work. Then you start your work and then you complete your order you get paid. But for a Freelancer, the main thing you need is English and the second thing you need good communication skills.

Because without these things you can’t work on that. Because you need to write bid in English. Also when your clients message you then you need good communication skills in English.

The second thing, which you need to do before starting work as a freelancer is account verification. Because after earning if you don’t do the verification. Then for withdrawal time, you need to face a lot of trouble. So before you start earning complete your verification.

My second tips for you try to get a premium account. Pay for your account because this will increase your account authority and your account showcase up to your clients.

4. Guru is the next one which is the best freelancing platform. Because here you get very high-paying and legit clients. Which pay you a high amount of jobs. Guru was founded in the name of moonlighter. Then it changes its name to guru.


Recently guru was so popular because of Hisham Sarwar. Because Hisham Sarwar was promote this platform a lot. For that reason, most Pakistanis try to use this platform and want to earn money from the guru.

No doubt guru is a very good platform but here you need a premium account if you want high-profile projects. because in a free account you cannot apply for a verified account. Which is a bad thing for new freelancers.

Who cannot have money to spend? But my recommendation is if you have money to spend. Then must try the guru premium account. Because guru is one of the best freelancer platforms in terms of quality services.

Also, the best part is if you have a premium account this will decrease your competition. In freelancing and Fiverr you don’t get long-term projects. But in guru, you get long-term projects.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a professional freelancer platform. If you want high-paying authentic clients then this is the best platform. I use personally upwork to get my clients.


The best thing that I like about upwork is no competition. Because if you need to make an account on upwork you need verification. That means it’s up to upwork if it sees you are a legit person. Then your account makes.

When I start my freelancing career I start with Fiverr. and when I see upwork is best then I switch to upwork. With my experience, I will tell you if you are a serious freelancer. Then must join upwork.

But if you are a newbie then just try to get basic-level projects. Which you easily get when your profile gets some reviews and some work. Then apply for intermediate and expert-level projects.

6. Pay per hour

Pay per hour is the next platform that iam adding to the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. If you want clients from only USA and UK. Then this is the best platform to start your work in high-paying countries.

People per hour

If you are a newbie then my recommendation is don’t start your career with pay per hour. Because USA and UK people don’t like Pakistani people. Because in the past bad experiences like most of the freelancers don’t work properly.

and waste their time on that clients so they avoid working with Pakistani people. But it’s not mean you cannot get clients from USA and UK. But first, make your profile strong and also your skills like business communication and English.

Then after that start work on this platform. The best part is if you are a digital marketing expert. Then this is the best platform for you. Because here you find high-paying marketing jobs.

7. 99 designs

99designs is a good platform but only for graphics designers. Because here you only find graphics-related work. But it’s not a traditional platform. Where you make gig or go and doing biding.

99 design

if you want to get work here then you need to apply for the contest. IF your design is approved then you get paid. For example, you need a logo. Then you have two options the first one go for a traditional freelancing platform and hire a freelancer.

This is time-consuming and you only get limited design. Or if you have your own design and you need some to improve then this is the best way. But the second way is to go on 99designs and then start the contest.

The advantages you get in you get a lot of designs with source files. Because everyone tries to win that contest for that reason they work hard with full concentration. After that when you like any design then you pay that freelancer.

This is the best way to start your career as a designer. Because you have known if you are a doing freelancing you cannot get more money for these jobs. Because of competition. Everyone does these jobs at a low price.

8. Amazon

Amazon is not freelancing or any type of these platforms. Amazon is an e-commerce website. Where you go to buy something like any type of electronics and any other thing. But how do you make money from amazon?

There are a lot of ways to make money from amazon I write a full article about how you make money from Amazon in Pakistan.

But here I will tell you something little about how you can earn from amazon. The first way is to sell your own products on amazon. Last year amazon approve Pakistan as a seller. SO you only need to start your own store on amazon.

Then place your products and start selling them. In Pakistan, most people do these types of work. The most famous company that does this is enablers. I think you listen to these. The second step is amazon associates.

Amazon associates mean amazon affiliate program. you only simply signup for this platform and then when you got approval. Then simply sell any products which you see on amazon through your link. When someone buys those products. you go your commission.

9. Clickbank

Click bank is the next one that I am adding is the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Clickbank is the best affiliate program. if you want to work as an affiliate marketing expert. Then you this is the best platform. Here you find high-paying affiliate marketing products. I think you know what is affiliate marketing.

But if you can’t I will tell you affiliate marketing is a process to promote someone’s products through your link. When someone buys that product through your link you get the commission. This is the best way to make passive money online.

Most digital marketing makes a lot of money from affiliate marketing. So I hope it’s clear your mind. Now let’s talk about what is click bank and why it’s best. So like I said first Clickbank is the affiliate marketing platform. But why it’s best is because here you find high ticket products and also high paying commission that’s 75%.

Also, other affiliate marketing platforms can’t give you money easily. It takes a lot of time. But Here you get your money easily. Also, withdrawal is very easy.

10. Youtube

Youtube is the last website that I am adding to the list of online earning websites in Pakistan. Youtube is the 2nd largest platform in terms of searches. I think you know how to make money by using youtube.

Youtube is a video streaming platform. Here you learn everything you see anything. Any type of information which you want to get here. But how do you make money from youtube?

You need to open a channel and then you start uploading your content in the form of video. Anything you know just make videos and upload them on youtube. After when you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Then you apply for monetization.

Then good to go you start your earning. You can’t only make money from youtube. Also when your subscribers increase your fame will increase. There are many famous YouTubers like BB ki vines, Carry minati, and ducky bahi.

These are only not famous that make millions from youtube. Just like him you also make money not millions. But at the start, you make a good amount of money. After some years inshallah you make a lot of money from Youtube.

11. Cj ( Commission Junction )

Clickbank, CJ is also one of the best affiliate programs available in the market. I use CJ for the last 3 years and I do a lot of affiliate marketing through CJ. One of the best things that I link about CJ is the programs that you find on CJ.

Literally every type of Digital Services affiliate program you get here. So you just need to signup for CJ without any issue. When you make an account on any affiliate marketing platform at that time you need to give some proof of traffic to get approval.

But when you make an account with CJ you don’t need any type of traffic source to show. You can easily get a CJ account. When you get a CJ account then after that you need to apply for Affiliate programs that you want to promote.

In Cj lot of programs approve you without any proper verification. But a lot of Affiliates can’t give you approval without verification. So here I will provide you a tip that helps you to grow on CJ. Just promote 1 affiliate link at the start. That is related to your niche.

What are the best ways to make money online?

I will provide you with 10 websites where you make real money. But now I am telling you what are the best and most legit ways to make money online. There are a lot of ways but I will provide you with long-term ways.

List of ways

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Own Blogs
  4. Influencer Branding

These are the four best ways to make money online. That I will give you this because I use personally these ways to make money online. Now let’s discuss what the meaning is of this work and how you start.


The first and fast way to make money online is freelancing. First, you need to learn some skills like graphics designing, video editing, Digital marketing, and programming. After that signup for a freelancing platform. Then just start selling your skills and make money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a fast and passive money-making way. Affiliate marketing is the process to promote someone’s products and when you got the sale. Then you get your Commissions. Most digital marketing experts make money only through affiliate marketing.

Own Blogs

Blogs are the long-term way to make money online. But It takes time and patience. But if you spend one year on your blog. then this will give you a lot of money. I will give you examples who make millions from their blogs. eg. Ismail Blogger, Tanveer Nadla, Ali Raza, Mohsin Ali.

Influencer Branding

Influencer branding is a hard way to make money online. But if you crack this way then no one stops you to make money. In this way to need to make videos or anything. Which help you to influence Peoples. and when you influence people, Then you make a lot of money online.


In this article, I will provide you with a list of the best websites that you can use to make money online. Also, I will Provide you with the best way to make money online. But there are a lot of ways to make money online.

If you want to make money then just remember something. The first one is don’t try to make smart and think I find a shortcut to make money. The second thing is just to remember you need time and patience.

These two tips remember and start your journey. I hope you like this article. Thanks for reading this article.

Thanks for reading this article
DH (Founder of MoneySiren)

Top 11 online earning websites in Pakistan 2023

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