Scope of Blogging in Pakistan 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Blogging is the best and most passive way to make money in Pakistan. if you need to make money with blogging then you need to start blogging. But when New Year’s come, everyone’s talking about the scope of blogging in Pakistan.

Scope of blogging in Pakistan

In my term, I have almost 5 years of experience in blogging.

From my experience, I see it every year. blogging increased not decreased. In fact for the last 2 years thanks to Ismail blogger. Who makes videos on affiliate blogging.

This gives everyone the route path to make money with amazon affiliate marketing. Now everyone wants to start blogging in Pakistan.

But the fear stops everyone from the scope blogging in Pakistan. Don’t worry brother just start. Because everyone wants to read new content.

So it’s the right time to enter the era of blogging. Just start making content on your favorite topic. Now let’s talk about blogging.

What is blogging

Blogging word comes from the blog. A blog is a website. Which provides you with content on a daily basis. And blogging is the process of making content on a website.

What is blogging

If you want to make passive money from the internet. Then blogging is the best way to do that. But the important notice is if you have patience.

Then start blogging. Becasue blogging needs time. But if you want to make money fast from the internet. Then freelancing is the best option for you.

But it’s not mean you start today and you expect you make money next month. Yes, freelancing is a quick way to make money online. But if you have skills then it’s easy for you.

Before starting freelancing just start to learn some skills. which helps you to start your online business. Start your career with freelancing and when you start making money with freelancing.

Then start blogging because the scope of blogging in Pakistan will bright. it’s the right opportunity to start your passive income.

How to start blogging

For blogging, there are two options. The first one is a free one. in the free one just make an account on Blogger is totally free platform owned by Google.

how to start blogging

But my recommendation is just to buy a domain. The price of a domain is $12 on Namecheap. Because your blog name is everything.

If you start with a paid domain. Then you have the option to transfer your website to WordPress. Which is the paid option. if you have money to spend. Then buy a hosting and domain.

WHich cost you $35 in Pakistan. If you need to buy a domain and hosting. Then the best option is Namecheap and hostinger.

These two hostings are the best and cheap. Which you easily afford. You need hosting and domain to start a WordPress website.

Because WordPress is the free open-source platform to start blogging.

Steps to start blogging in Pakistan

  1. Decide your niche
  2. Pick blog name
  3. Register domain and hosting
  4. Customize Blog
  5. Content Creation
  6. Getting Traffic

These are the steps that you need to follow to start a blog. If you need a detailed guide. Then I already published an article on how to start blogging in Pakistan. Must read that one.

How to earn money from blogging

if you have a successful blog Then there are a lot of ways to make money with that blog. But for that, you need to start blogging and make a successful blog.

How to earn money from blogging_Scope of blogging in Pakistan

But blogging is just not a short-term way. If you have a dream to make millions of dollars from blogging with effort. Then you are in the wrong place.

Because if you want to make from blogging. Then you need to invest some to start your blog. First, don’t follow others’ success stories. Who makes millions from blogging.

Because they spend a lot of time on blogging. After that, they are rewarded with money. So first start a blog make it successful. Then after then, you make money.

Ways to earn money from blogging

There are a lot of ways to make money from blogs. But I only explain the best ways. By using these ways to imitate start money online.

1. Google Adsence: Google adsence is the first source of your income. Which most bloggers use. Basically, adsence is a google platform. WHere you need to submit your website for approval.

When your website got approval. Then Place ads on your website and make money. But if you need to make a decent amount of money from google adsence.

Then you need to target a high CPC country. Where your website earns a good amount of earnings. When your website gain 100 click daily Then apply for adsence.

If your website has low traffic then don’t apply adsence.

2. Affiliate Marketing: The second method which comes true is your dream to make millions of dollars. Affiliate marketing is not an option to make money.

It’s a billion-dollar industry. Affiliate marketing means promoting someone’s products and getting your commission. For example, let’s talk about amazon affiliates.

Because now in Pakistan everyone work on amazon affiliate marketing. For starting amazon affiliate marketing you need to signup for amazon associates.

When you are signup for amazon associates. Then if someone buys a product from your link then you got a commission.

3. Selling Ads spaces: This is also the best way to make money. Basically google ads network is the best ad network. But google adsence can’t give you a decent amount of money.

For that reason, if you make a place to promote ads. Then you easily make a decent amount of money.

4. Sponsored articles: Sponsored articles mean writing articles to review someone’s products. Like if you are a blog related to digital marketing.

And I have a course. Then I will contact you to write a review of my course. When you write then I will pay for that articles. Sponsored articles price based on your website authority.

If your website has high authority Then you get decent money for an article. But the tip I will give you don’t write too many sponsored articles. Because this will affect your website and maybe google will ban your site.

5. Sell courses and ebooks: Most branded bloggers make a lot of money from selling courses and ebooks. You need to just collect your posts and convert them into chapters.

When your ebook is ready make a beautiful cover from canva. E-books and courses are the first steps that everyone takes to make passive money.

These are the most popular ways to make money from blogging. I hope you understand the scope of blogging in Pakistan and how blogging works.


Blogging is the best way to make passive money. But here I will give you some tips. If you want to make real money then you need to spend money.

Because its business rule if you spend then you earn. don’t take the stress of losing money. To start just spend on domain and WordPress. That you get from Namecheap.

The second tip is to start blogging in an area of the segment. Which you like and where you have a piece of knowledge. Because your favorite topic can’t make you bored.

And you easily generate content ideas. Which motivates you to do further work on your blog. The third tip is just to take patience. Because blogging needs time.

and lastly, the scope of blogging in Pakistan is bright. So just start

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