Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan 2023 (Way To Success)

For the last few years, the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan Going well. The latest reports say in Pakistan 17% of people use the internet.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

And the numbers will grow regularly. Because in Pakistan most of the internet providers give 4G internet. Which has the best speed?

This makes marketers move on to the internet for marketing. Because marketing is done where there are people. and the young generation almost uses the internet.

Then this is a better opportunity to do marketing as well as learn marketing to make money.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the component. WHich you can use to promote your products and services. Which you offer. In simple ways every ad that you see on the internet.

What is digital marketing_Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Those ads are placed by some digital marketer and the process of making, placing, run ads is called digital marketing. The most important is if you are using digital marketing.

There are a lot of benefits you get. You can track your ads. which show you the stats about your audience. Which age group follows your niche.

Which area where you get views. These are the important stats that help you to plan your next ads efficiently. Which provides great results.

Now I am telling you about what is ad. IF you already know then good. skip this and see the next paragraph. Ads are any form of content that promotes any type of business.

There are a lot of forms like search engine ads, images ads, videos ads, etc. It’s up to you which ad former you like to use.

Start right now to learn digital marketing because when the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan will increase.

At that time will be good at digital marketing. Then you make a lot of money.

Because You are the person who learns digital marketing before rising. And at the rising point, everyone will be learning and you make money.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are a lot of ways to do digital marketing. But here I am telling you the easy and popular ways of digital marketing.

Which you can easily learn and use to increase your business. But before we dive into the types. Iam telling you some things.

In digital marketing, There are two ways to do it. The first one is free. This is the best method that every person uses at the start.

Because at the start you don’t have money to spend. Then you choose the freeways. But if you work regularly with proper research and guidance.

Then after some months, you started making money online. Also, I recommend you this method. Because by using this method also you learn the basics of digital marketing.

Which made you great at the digital marketer with hands-on experience. The second one is paid which is a risky way. Without complete guidance and research.

Don’t start paying for one because in a free one you only lose time. But in paid one, you lose your money and time. So be careful. My recommendation starts with free.

And when you get experience then start paid method of digital marketing.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a process to optimize your website. Which rank on google and you get potential traffic.

what is seo

Which buy your services and you make money. SEO is the free and best method of marketing. In my term, if you have time to spend then must go with seo.

Because work on SEO gives you long-term profits. Every person that comes into the online field must learn SEO.

This is the first step of digital marketing. Because when the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan increase. Then the young generation wants to learn digital marketing.

SEO is the best option for you if you are a student and want to make money online.

SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

SMM is the way to promote your company through social media websites. There are two ways of social media marketing.

If you have money then start running ads and spend money. Which Is a costly way and the second is free. Just start making content on social media related to your niche.

Like I was said if you choose the freeway then you need time to spend. I will give you a tip choice of two social media platforms according to you.

Like right now TikTok is booming. Then I use the first TikTok and the second one Instagram. After that, I make content that is related to my niche.

It takes time but when my content gains views and viral on social media. Then people who like my content follow me.

And when I get the audience. Then I promote everything also the best part people buy from me. because they have known if I promote then this product is best for them.

PPC ( Pay Per Click )

PPC is a way to get traffic on your website through search engines. Basically in PPC when someone clicks on your ad then you pay money.

what is ppc_Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Most people do PPC on google. Because it’s the fast way to get traffic on your landing pages. PPC works on bid. Like if you target the best SEO courses keyword for ppc.

And you pay 0.2$ for this keyword. If someone pays 1$ for this keyword. Then that person’s ads show on the first position, not your.

But with the bid, there are a lot of factors. Which google considers for ranking.

Iam not an expert in PPC. but I have a little knowledge about that. Which I am sharing with you right now.

Email Marketing

There are a lot of tools that help you to start your email marketing. Email marketing is the best way to do marketing, getting traffic.

What is email marketing

Because a person who gives you his email. That’s means that person trusts you. For that reason, he gives you an email. If you have thousands of people’s emails.

Then you do anything like getting traffic on site. Promoting products and services. You need to just send an email to update your audience.

I follow Neil Patel from last year. Then I see his website gets almost 300k traffic from emails. This means email marketing is the best way to do anything.

But the big question is how to collect an email list. This is a simple process if you have a website then place an email submission form.

Another way is to create landing pages and collect emails. But the tip I will give you here doesn’t buy an email list. Because that’s useless for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is just not a type of digital marketing. If a pure business. Affiliate marketing is to promote anyone service or product.

Affiliate marketing in Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

And get your commission. This is the best method to monetize your blog’s social media.

Some people have a dream to make 6 figure income in dollars. Affiliate marketing come true your dreams.

Because a sale gives you $200 if you are able to promote services. But for that, you need to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of ways to promote affiliate marketing products. But I will tell you two the best ones. The first one is to make a micro niche website which is a free method.

The second method is paid you need to promote your links through social media, PPC. Which is the fast way. But if you have a lot of knowledge how to promote.

Then start paying one. Because with single mistake lose your money.

Influsesor or Content marketing

Influsor marketing is the best and most powerful marketing strategy. Because this will make strong emotion with your audience.

Content marketing

How you can start content marketing. It’s very simple just start making information content. related to your niche on social media or on the website.

Like I am, a digital marketer, I starting this blog to give you information about making money online.

Also here you find information how to learn digital marketing skills. When my blog goes popular.

Then there are a lot of services and products to promote. Then this will give me a lot of money.

Content marketing is not easy you need patience. Also, you need to learn a lot of things and regularly create content.

How to learn Digital Marketing

Over the last two years, the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan increased. For that reason, everyone wants to learn digital marketing.

How to learn digital marketing

But before I will tell you how to learn or what is the best resource to learn digital marketing. Let’s talk about the serious note about digital marketing.

Why do you need to learn digital marketing? Like every person has its own purpose. Like when I was learned digital marketing.

My purpose is to make money online. I was working on this purpose. Now I have a decent amount of knowledge about digital marketing.

The reason is then you define your intent. This will help you to define which is the best field for you in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has a lot of types some are easy to learn some are hard. If you define your intent then you easily choose the way for you.

if you want to work on a website then you need to learn SEO. If you want to grow on social media and want to get traffic. Then you need to learn social media.

But how if you have money to spend then buy a course. Because in a course, you get detailed analyses and every information in one area.

Also, you have access to that couch which means if you have any issue then contact that couch. That couch will teach you and solve your problem.

But if you have a person which doesn’t have money to spend. Then the best way is to start learning from youtube and google. I damn sure if you have searching skills.

You easily learn digital marketing free of cost like me.

Scope of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

Over the last 5 years, the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan increased. and it will also be more increase. Because of some people who work online and make money.

Scope of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

When anyone sees a person who makes money online. Then that person tries those ways to learn how to make money. Also, a lot of businesses Know what is the potential of digital marketing.

The best part after learning digital marketing skills you get a full-time or remote job. Because in a Pakistan every month lot of startups started.

Which generates a lot of new opportunities. In Pakistan, only 17% of people use the internet and the numbers grow every year rapidly.

The simple is just start learning digital marketing in Pakistan. Because after learning you have a lot of opportunities to grab.

How to make money with digital marketing

If you master digital marketing then there are a lot of ways to make money. Some ways are passive some are regular.

How to make money with digital marketing

But the tip from me is to learn skills which give you passive money. Passive money makes you financially free. You may have heard Warren Buffett’s quote.

That’s is if you can’t find a way to make money while you sleep. Then you will work until die.

Digital marketing is a way which makes you finical free. If you need to learn about ways for online earning in Pakistan.  Then I have already published an article that must check that one.

Digital Marketing jobs

As now you see the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan gaining momentum, Then more and more jobs are being created in this field.

Digital marketing jobs

Like in the past over fathers ask us to find a GOVT job. Becasue they have only knowledge about that. We are the first generation we know the internet.

If at this time a person says me find a govt job. Because that is more secure than I simply refuse. Because I know I make a lot of money online.

If I can’t work online then I will go for a job. Because if I have digital marketing-related skills. Then I get a decently paid job. A simple SEO post will give you 20 to 30k per month.

List of Digital Marketing Jobs

There are a lot of positions you will find in the digital marketing sector.

Here I will add the most demanding and high-paid jobs. SO choose the title and find a job. Which is suitable for you.

  1. Digital marketing manager
  2. Leads generation expert
  3. SEO expert
  4. PPC expert
  5. Social media marketer
  6. Social media manager
  7. Brand manager
  8. Affiliate marketing program manager
  9. Content marketing expert
  10. UX designer
  11. Email marketer
  12. Marketer analyst
  13. Product manager
  14. SEM Marketing expert
  15. Creative content designer

These are the most and high demanding jobs. Before you apply for a job just think about which skill you have. Like if you have SEO skills.

Then apply for an SEO job not for any other. If you selected then start your work. After some years when you gain skills and knowledge.

Then maybe that company will promote or find other opportunities for you.

Expecting salary

The salary is based on your title, company, and location. for example, if you are an SEO expert and work in Pakistan small startup.

Digital marketing job salary

Then maybe your salary is 20k. But if you work in Europe as an SEO expert. Then maybe you earn 200k or suppose if you work in google.

Then the chances if you get more salary. Before your jobs, you need to understand your skills. If you have full confidence and you have known your level.

You are an expert then high your expectation. Not set on low-salary jobs. My tips if you get the opportunity to work out of the country. Then grab that because you get more salary from that country instead of Pakistan.

How does digital marketing help you in business?

Because you get more leverage over the audience. If you can’t make your presence online, Then you lose your business in the future.

Because in future every person loves to buy anything online instead of ongoing in the market.

For example, if you have a  clothes shop, Then how do you sell online? It’s just simple to make a website or any social media page.

Then promote it. it’s up to you which way you choose to promote your business. Free one or paid one.

I know personally a person who makes millions online by selling clothes. If you want to make money online then you need to learn digital marketing.

I hope you enjoy this article and this clears your mind about the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan.


DH Founder of Money Siren.

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