SEO scope in Pakistan 2023 {Ultimate Guide}

If you want to learn SEO then the main question that arrives in your mind is what is the SEO scope in Pakistan. Seo I the best way to promote your business online.

SEO scope in Pakistan

Because with SEO you get a lot of clients free of cost. For example, you provide services like SEO, SMM, and PPC. There are two ways to get clients.

the first one is to go on a freelancing website and find clients. Which gives you money. But this is the traditional way. Which may work for you. But the drawback is your account depends on the platform. If that platform bans your account you lost everything.

The second way that no one uses its tale time but this is the long-term and best way. That makes your own website and writes content related to your niche. After some time your content ranks on google. Then just simply promote your services on that articles.

Before we discuss everything about SEO. I will tell you some information which you need to know. because this will help you to improve your SEO skills. A complete knowledge makes you a great SEO expert.

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What is SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is a process to optimize your website by the following google Factors. Google can’t tell properly about these factors. But the experts ask there are 200 factories about SEO. You need to follow that factors. if you want to rank your website.

How SEO Works

SEO means search engine optimization. for doing SEO first you need to find keywords related to your niche. Then after that by using your Yoast or rank math you optimize your website using that keyword.

Which you find. there are three types of SEO, The first one is on-page SEO. Which you can easily manage by Yoast or rank math. The second one is Technical SEO. This is a little bit difficult because you need to understand how a website works, what is HTML, what is CSS, and what is javascript. How do these work?

Then you are able to do technical SEO. The last one is off-page SEO for this you need to make your website social media pages, and backlinks. This will improve your off-page SEO.

What is the SEO scope in Pakistan?

Just remember by these words the scope of SEO is very wide. I have 5 years of experience in SEO. I see SEO can’t destroy but SEO evolves. If you can do the right and proper work. Then SEO gives you a lot of benefits. But if you can only work for money.

That means you only work for ranking and doing black SEO. Then this will destroy your website. I have an old website where I only do white hat SEO For that.

The study you need to become an SEO expert

I am a matric pass and I have 5 years of experience in SEO. I am a digital marketer. I don’t have a technical background or marketing background. If I can do without any academic education. Then I know you can do it.

The only thing which you can need is focus, which means you only need the right mentor who helps you to learn SEO. there are a lot of SEO courses and a lot of mentors in the market. Before buying any course just learn

SEO salary expectation

With my lot of search, I see you get 20k to 80k max in Pakistan. Because if Pakistan they cannot pay yo lot money because they earn from clients. They even don’t know what is SEO. My recommendation is if you work in Pakistan.

Then you need to work with that agency as a project base. you charge them on a project base. Which is the best option for you. But in Europe, you make a good amount of money 5000$ to 10000$. Which is quite impressive.

How to learn SEO

if you want to learn SEO then you have two ways. The first one is free and the second one is paid. If you have money to spend. Then my recommendation is to buy a good course. Where you learn everything in one platform.

But if you can’t spend money then the best source in youtube and google. For that, you need to write all the topics about SEO. Like what is SEO, types of SEO, and what is keyword research. After that learn every topic one by one. This is the way that I can use to learn SEO.

But the important thing which I am asking you is if you are able to buy a course. Don’t buy a blind course first research about the course and mentor. Then you see the mentor has the experience and spends some time. Then buy that course, but if you see a person which cannot have any experience in SEO.

Then don’t buy that course. The second piece of advice that I will provide you is if you have any money. Then try to start your own website with learning. Because this will help you to implement your learnings.

Specialization in SEO

There are a lot of SEO types it depends on you which SEO you can choose.

  1. Website SEO:
  2. Social media SEO
  3. Youtube SEO
  4. Local SEO
  5. Ecommerce SEO

These are all basic types of SEO. The SEO scope in Pakistan is very wide so just pick the area of interest and expert that area. Like I am a website SEO expert, also I have social media, youtube SEO information. But I don’t have knowledge of eCommerce SEO.

Some Free SEO Courses

1: SEO Unlocked( Neil Patel ); This is the first SEO course that I am recommending to you. Because this is a free course which you can do on youtube. Because Neil Patel is one of the best SEO experts who have 16 years of experience. I am damn sure if you do this course. Then you get all knowledge about SEO.

2; SEO Fundamentals By Semrush: This is the second course that you can do free of cost. Semrush is the SEO tool that you can use in SEO. If you can do this course then you get more knowledge which makes your skill strong.


If you have skills in SEO then you earn limitless money without spending any dollars. But It takes time to learn and also takes time to implement. I have 5 years of experience in SEO. I see the SEO evolve not dead.

Like this, the SEO scope in Pakistan is very wide don’t worry just try to learn white hat SEO techniques. Don’t try black hat techniques this will destroy your all career and every your website.


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  1. Thanks for this article, it does give a great overview of the subject.

    I 100% agree with your points about avoiding black hat techniques. These practices will only ruin the website and all the hard work that went into creating it. Instead of shortcuts like learning every other skill, SEO too should be given proper time to learn and only white hat techniques should be practiced and implemented.


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