How to start blogging in Pakistan 2023: Needs To Know

From last year in Pakistan, Everyone talked about blogging. Because in corona crises everyone had to wash their hands of their jobs.

Start Blogging in pakistan

Then this incident motivates people to find a way that helps them to make money.

Especially youth who access the internet. Then Young people find a way to make money online. Blogging is one of those. By Blogging, you make a lot of money.

Now you think what is the way how to start blogging in Pakistan and make money by blogging. First of just remember blogging is easy.

Also, you learn blogging easily and make money. I defiantly Know after this blog. You know everything about blogging. Now Let’s talk about real blogging.

What Is Blogging

The blogging word is inspired by the blog word. Blog word also comes from the weblog. The blog is the type of website. Where any person publishes their information about anything.

On the internet, you visit a lot of blogs daily to get any type of information.

What is blogging

There are many types of blogs. Like Tech blogs, Travel blogs, reviews blogs, etc. All processes or work to publish content on the internet are called blogging. This is the simple definition of blogging.

Now you ask me that’s ok Now I know what is blogging. But how to start blogging in Pakistan? So brother there are steps you need to take to start blogging.

follow all these steps which I am discussing below with you. Now Let’s discuss these steps.

Decide You niche

Niche is the most important thing before starting blogs. Niche is the topic of your website. The right niche makes a lot of money if you choose.

How to pick niche

Similar wrong one destroys your career. Because after a lot of work you cannot make money. You are frustrated and leave the blogging. How you can choose the right niche.

Write down your all interest and after that analyze them. After that pick a topic which you have knowledge of. Like when I am starting my career.

I like Gaming, Laptops, Tech related things. So I was started my first blog on that niche.

After that, I make a lot of blogs on various topics. my latest blog is That’s a smartwatch reviewing website.

Which rank on google’s first position on various keywords. Now after a lot of blogging experience.

I start moneysiren which is my own brand. Where I make content related to SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing.

Because Marketing is not my profession. marketing is my passion and now I make my passion my business. Why because I chose the right niche “Digital Marketing”.

So decide your niche and make money.

Pick Name for your blog

Name is the main thing. If you choose a simple brandable and easy-to-remember name. Then you make your brand. Which tips do you need to follow?

How to pick Blog name

before choosing the blog name. The tip is just to find easy to remember or one-word blog name. Like cnet, Moz, ahref these are one word and easy remember names.

But if you cannot get the one-word name. Then try to add your niche-related words. In my case when I was started, Money Siren.

The word Money comes from the make money online keyword. and Siren is my generic word. So I finalize the Money Siren name for my blog.

You also mix match words with your niche. and get interesting and easy-to-remember names.

Also if you want to make a general blog that covers all topics. Also maybe you think to start an online business.

Then just add your name variation in your blog name. Because if your blog goes viral. Then with the blog also your name makes a brand.

Which might be good for you. But before using your business name just check the domain name.

If the domain name is available with .com then finalize your business name. But if you see the domain with .com is already booked.

Then my recommendation is just to try to find another name. leandomainsearch is a website that makes your work easy. Related to finding a business name. Just check out after this article.

Register Domain & Hosting

The domain is the address of your website. Hosting is the space from the server. Where you host your website data. Like I am using Namecheap where I buy domain and hosting.

Namecheap is one of the best and most cheap hosting providers. To start blogging in Pakistan or any where in world. You need hosting and domain.

If you are a beginner and need hosting. Then I strongly recommend you Namecheap. Because from the last 3 years I using Namecheap for my new blogs. I am satisfied with the services of Namecheap.

Customize Blog

Customizing is the next thing that you need to learn. Because with the great design you impress your reader. When someone lands on your website.

How to customize Blog

They see your website design first. If your design is great then you might be getting a better response.

The tip which I give you is to pick a simple theme. By using that theme design your blog simple and unique like me.

When you open my blog you see its look is very clean. The second tip is the color combination. In my term, the color combination is the most important.

When you open my website you see mainly two colors dark blue and green. Which is my brand color. Like me just choose a color combination that refers to your brand.

The third tip is don’t use too many popups and ads on your website. I see a lot of blogs that place a lot of ads. Which creates a bad user experience.

Content Creation

Now, these days content is the most important. without content creation, you can’t start blogging in Pakistan. Because content is a process to generate topics.

How to create content

Also, providing information related to that topic. if you want to make money online at home free without investment. Then the best way is to generate content related to one niche.

When you create content you don’t get an audience base. Also, you get clients related to your niche. Which needs your service and provide you money for that services.

The best way to start content marketing is blogging. Because that’s easy you get fast results from blogging for the long term.

Before you start content creation. I give you some tips from my experience. The first one build content related to your interest. Because if you have an interest in something.

You can’t feel bored generating content. Because you love that thing. Which motivates you to get information and do research to greater better content for your audience.

The second tip is just to make your content to the point. Don’t make it unnessosry long. Because that makes your readers bored.

The other tips add some interesting infographics. Which increases your blog retention time. Because a human mind is attracted to graphics.

The next tip is to do some research. and try to get a case study related to your content. Because people love case studies.

How peoples start their journey and make money. Also how people get success.

Get Traffic on your content

Content creation is the first step. After that bringing traffic to your content is a hard thing. In the blogging field, there are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website.

Some are paid some are free. Let’s talk about a free one. In free one, you need to learn SEO. Because SEO is the best way to get traffic free of cost.

But what is SEO? SEO is the process is to getting traffic from the search engines like google. Yes, you can get traffic from google.

But for that, you need to learn SEO. SEO means search engine optimization.

Once you master SEO then you are the god of the internet. Because you don’t need to spend any money on traffic.

Just start a website make content do SEO and then boom you get traffic. If you are a beginner and don’t have any knowledge about SEO.

Then on my website MoneySiren. I write articles that help you to start blogging in Pakistan.

SEO is just not a way to get traffic on your website. When your website gets traffic. Then choose another platform and make content on that.

For if you choose youtube you need to make long videos. If you choose TikTok then you need to make 1 min video. But if you choose Instagram or another platform.

Then you need to make images or videos content.

My recommendation makes content on your social media. Whatever you write on your blog. make visual content on that same content.

Just transform that content from writing to visual. Which gives you also another platform for the audience. When you build an audience then promote your content to that audience.

Monetize your content

Why did you start blogging in Pakistan? Every person has their own perspective. Some are to spread knowledge. Some are doing blogging to increase their business.

How to monetize Content

But The ultimate thing that you need to do after a successful blog is money. Monetization means finding a way to make money with blogging.

Now I am telling you some ways to make money with your blogs. There are a lot of ways to make money with blogging.

The most famous is google’s adsence. Every blog use googles adsence to make money.

Google adsence is the service. which you can use to place ads on your website. And you make money with that ads.

The second one is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the way to promote someone’s products. When someone buys products with your sale URL.

Then you get your commissions. Which is the best way to make money with blogging. Because affiliate marketing is just not a way to make money.

Affiliate is the business if you master this. Then congratulations you are limitless to make money online.

There are a lot of affiliate programs. which you can use to promote your industry products on your website.

for example Clickbank, jvzoo, CJ. Join anyone and find your niche-related products. Promote them and make money.

The 3rd one is promoting your services or courses. This is also the best way that I think is. Just make courses or services and promote them on your own site.

When your readers buy your services then you get paid by them.

In short, there are a lot of ways to make money with blogs. Here you find the best three. But I am providing a website link.

Where you find other trending ways to make money with blogging.


Now I am adding some Faqs. Which also helps you to clear your mind related to blogging. Also, help you to understand the potential of blogging.

Then You just start and make money in Pakistan.

Is blogging profitable in Pakistan?

Yes, Blogging is the all-time best way to make money online. In Pakistan, few peoples do professional blogging. Because no one knows about this.

But after the corona crisis lot of people start their careers. In short, blogging is the best career in Pakistan.

How much do bloggers earn in Pakistan?

Earning from blogging depends on your niche and effort. On the internet, there is a lot of bloggers who make millions of dollars.

on the other side, some make hundreds hardly. Why because of efforts. Before starting just learn how blogging works. Then start with full dedication.

What is the best site for blogging?

If you have a decent amount of money to spend. Then buy a hosting and install WordPress. Which is the best site for blogging. But if you have a low amount of money.

Then go for Where you only need a domain. Buy and connect domain with blogger and start making content.

Is blogging a good career?

Yes, blogging is the best career for you. Because you can start blogging with a little amount of money. When your site is ranked then you make money.

Blogging is the start of your online journey. Most digital marketing giants are well-known. They start their career as bloggers like Moz, Hubspot, Neil Patel, backlinko.

Is blogging easy?

Yes, blogging is easy. But if you choose a niche where you have an interest. But if you choose a topic where you have 0 present knowledge.

Then blogging makes you boring and you quit that. For that reason most experts recommend you to start work on your interest.

I hope you enjoy this piece of content. Also, this will clear your mind about How to start blogging in Pakistan.


DH Founder of Money Siren

How to start blogging in Pakistan 2023: Needs To Know

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