Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan [12 Top Skills] 2023

If you have skills then you make a lot of money online by freelancing. But Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. That’s a question because if you are choosing the right area of interest. Then your work will be easy for you.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

You can’t feel burdened by doing that work. So before you start your learning. Just remember my one thing. Just choose long-term skills. Which pays you passively with little effort. But how?

This is the most important part which you need to learn. Like, suppose you are a graphic designer and you make a logo for just $5.

How many clients do you need to make $100?  That’s 20 clients you need every month. This means you need effort every month. Unless your gig ranks on Fiverr. That’s a rare case, or you need a lot of work for your gig.

Because you knew if logo designing niche. Your gig can’t rank easily. Now let’s talk about another situation. Just suppose you are an SEO expert and you give services the same $5.
Also, you here need 20 clients. Which pay you, but that turning point is you don’t need to do an effort every month.

Because SEO is long-term work. If someone hires you that project maybe goes 3 to 6 months.

This is the power of long-term skills. So just focus on long-term skills.

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How to learn skills in Pakistan

If you want to learn skills. I know you are confused and you think which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan.

How to learn skills in pakistan

Then you have two options the first one is free and the second is paid. It’s totally up to you which way you can choose. If you have money to spend, Then my recommendation is to take a professional course.

Because in a course you learn everything in one place without any effort. But if you are a person like me who can’t spend on courses. Then the best way to start is on youtube, In Pakistan, there are a lot of channels. WHich help you to learn skills.

Also, there is a free skills program called digiskills. Where you learn a lot of skills free of cost. In fact, you also get a certificate.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

There are a lot of sectors, every sector has a lot of skills. Now, what is the best sector for you? Please don’t choose the wrong sector. Like me, I like to do marketing-related stuff. Because I enjoy these things especially content creation.

Which makes me happy. Like me choose the skills which make you happy. For that just relax grab paper and pen, and note down everything that you like. Everything is gaming, gardening, writing, and reading.

When you write everything, Now just research deeply on every topic. I am damn sure you find your path, Like if you like gaming then research gaming-related skills. Which are game designing, game development, and game testers.

But if you can’t find any useful skills. Then must follow because I will give you the list of best skills. That solves your problem about Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. But choice if you really like. Now let’s dive into these skills.

Graphics Designer

Graphics Designing is a skill that gives you fast results. Because in graphic designing, there are a lot’s of services, which you can give to make money.

How to learn Graphic Designers

If you are a creative person then this is the best field for you. Because 70% online industry depends on Graphics. Every person and every business needs a graphic designer for different works. Like logo design, social media posts, flyers, and ads.

But before you enter this field. I will tell you the truth about this field. Graphic Designing is not a long-term game. Because the first thing every client which you get not a long term. The second one graphic designing is a highly competitive niche.

But if you are dedicated then you survive in this field. If you think you learn today and you’re earnings start tomorrow. That’s the wrong thing because you need to take a lot of time in this field.

Website designer

Website designing is a skill that is the best answer to your question Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. Becasue web designing is the best long-term skills.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

If you acquire web designing-related skills. Then you make a lot of money for your whole life. Website designing is not an easy task. For that reason, you get low competition in this field.  But website designing is not a means of learning WordPress, and then you think you are a web designer.

If you want to get success for a long time. Then you need to learn real web designing. For that, you need to learn Coding. First, you need to start with HTML, which is the basics of web designing. HTML is a very easy language.

Literally, you learn HTML in just 2 to 3 days. After that start learning C, and C++. If you learn HTML and C++. Then you are able to make a website. But if you to take your skills net level. Then also learn other languages.

Apps Designer

Now, these days most people have smartphones. This means every person needs apps to make their phone interesting. Like website apps designing is also the best opportunity. Which you grab for making money online.

How to become apps designing

If you are a professional apps designer. Then you make a lot of money. because every studio has its focus on apps development. With this skill, you get a great job, which pays you a high income.

The best thing which I think. After learning apps skills, just publish your own apps. Because an app is your asset. Because this will pay passively every month. If you want to learn apps development. Then you need to learn java, javascript, swift, kotlin, and Dart.

These are the top languages that help you to start your journey as an apps developer.

Data Entry

Data entry is a skill. Which is very easy to learn, Also there are the skills that start your online earning, But this is not a skill that gives you a lot of income.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

If you want to make money as a data entry expert. Then First of all you need to learn typing. Because this is the most important factor of data entry. In a data entry, you need to make reports from raw data.

Your work depends on your clients, Which work your client needs. If you want to start your career you need to learn MS Office. Because in data entry the most used softwares are MS office. Also, you need to learn all software.

Which you need to use for data entry, Data entry field is a very highly competitive niche. Because it’s very easy to learn. For that reason, you need to prove yourself with your typing. Also if is it possible for you to get 1 or 2 certificates.


Writing is a skill that is the best answer to your question Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. If you are a writer then there are unlimited ways to make money online. Here we discuss some interesting ways.

How to become writer

The first one is offcourse on freelancing every business needs writers. because every person is not perfect in writing. If you have great writing skills. Then you start services like blog writer, ghostwriter, landing page writing, and copywriter.

The second one is its own blog. If you are a writer then make your own blogs and produce content on it. Blogging is the best and most passive way to make money online. You need to just learn SEO, Then good to go.

The third one is publishing your own books or ebooks. If you are a writer then the best option is to build your own books. Which makes money for a long time. If your book goes viral and everyone like it, Then your book makes you famous like other writers.

Voice Over Artist

If you have a crispy voice then this is the best for you. Now you think about how I earn from voice-over. Just search on Fiverr. This blows your mind, Lot of freelancers make millions of dollars from voice-over.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

You don’t need anything in this skill. Just you need to make your accent perfect and crispy. Every client that you get, the clients will give you a script.

If you are a voice artist, Then there are a lot of programs where you give your voice like ads, cartoons, and animation, audiobooks. Your salary depends on your work. Which work have you done but expect 100 to 10,000 per project.

Video Editing

Now let’s talk about video editing. Which is a great skill to start your career. Because it’s very easy to learn, but not for everyone. If you are passionate about videos. Then it’s good for you.

How to become video editor

If you want to learn video editing then you need to start learning some software like adobe, aftereffect. After that, you work as a freelancer, or maybe you get a job as a video editor in any studio.

Just understanding the scope of video editing is very good. Because every industry needs video editors. Also, the fact is now most people consume videos. Every movie that you see is edited by a video editor. Who did their job nicely


SEO is a skill that is the best answer to your question Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. SEO is one of my favorite skills because I am also an SEO expert. I have almost 5 years of experience in SEO.

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

SEO means search engine optimization. Seo is a process to optimize your website for google ranking.

The first thing that I will ask you is just to remember that seo is very easy to learn. You just need 6 to 7 months to master this skill. I’m damn sure after 1 year you are able to rank any keyword on google.

SEO is a long-term game, But your time and effort give you long-term results. For example, you are an SEO expert, and you make your own blog. Just suppose you make a page on the best SEO services in Pakistan.

And your page ranked in the first position. Just think how many clients you get free without any effort. This is the power of SEO, Also every business has a website, and every business wants to get clients free of cost.

That means you have also options to work as a freelancer. The best part seo is not short-term. It’s long-term work. This means every project that you get pay you on monthly basis. SEO is a long-term passive income skill. This is a worthful skill. My recommendation must learn seo.

Social media marketing and management

Social media marketing and management are other skills that give you long-term income. But for that, you need to understand this is very high profitable and growing marketing.

How to learn social media marketing in Pakistan

But social media marketing and management are 2 services. it’s up to you which you can choose for your work. If social media marketing you need to generate content, run ads, and make strategies for your clients. Which may be irritating pain fu.

Becasue it’s not easy to get impressive results from social media. But in social media management, you only need to generate content, publish and be good to go.

Now you think about how I earn by only managing social media. Every youtube, every business, and influence needs social media manager. But my suggestion is if you have an experience in ads and then start both services.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a skill that is the best answer to your question Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. This is a very easy and joyful skill. Because you make money per lead. But what is a lead generation and how its work?

Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan

Lead Generation is a process to capture people’s contacts. Who is interesting in your products and services. For example, you provide WordPress designing services, and someone gives you a contact number.

And ask you this person need a website and wants to spend it on his website  It’s called the lead. There are a lot of ways to capture leads. Like run ads on social media and try to capture user email.

Like in the past I work with a company that gives me $1 for a lead. That’s a basic very basic because if you know what is the process to get leads. Then you make a lot of income. A well-established company pays 5 to 20 dollars per lead.

Content Creation

Content creation is the best skill because its high demanding and high-value skill. But what is content and how to start content creation? Basically content means a format of any information, which adds value to your audience.

Like you read my blog this is the content, which I give you in the form of writing. Now let’s talk about how you make money with content creation. Like in content creation you need to do research and build some outline.

Which do your clients need. There are a lot of services that you can give in content creation like blog writing, social media posts creation, and landing page copywriting. Also, you start your own youtube channel, blog, and social media page.

Content creation is the most powerful thing. If you want to make yourself famous. Then learn how to generate great pieces of content.


Coaching is the last skill which is the better answer to your question Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. In the corona crisis, I see edutech grow rapidly. Which gives an opportunity for a person. Who has some skills and wants to teach someone.

How to start coaching

Because everyone wants to learn skills, and if you have some skills. Then just start coaching your clients. For example, I am an SEO expert, and if I launch and service SEO coaching. I’m damn sure most people join it for learning.

But before you start coaching services. Build some of your authority, like make content on any social media, and then ask your views for paid coaching. The best thing about this strategy. you make money from coaching as well as from that social media


Like in the start I asked there are a lot of skills. Which you learn, but here I am adding those skills. Which are evergreen skills. If you learn these skills this will pay you in the long term.

Now I am giving some tips which may be useful for you. The first one chooses the skills which you love to do. Because this makes your work easy. The second tip is don’t play any smart tricks on your clients.

The third one doesn’t apply to that project where you can have any knowledge.

That’s all I hope you like this article about Which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan. 


DH founder of Moneysiren. 

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